Somerset BASS Pro- We're Moving to Kirkleigh

Unfortunately SEQwater have just notified us that that are unable to grant us permission to run the TT Lures Somerset BASS Pro from The Spit this year. As a result we have to move the running of the event north to Kirkleigh.

This of course presents some issues because we’ve all planed and booked accom based on running it from the The Spit.
He’s the main issues and how we’ll address them.

*Launch Location- launching your boat from Kirkleigh is our recommendation. An access code will be made available for the boom gate at Kirkleigh for those that aren’t staying onsite and are driving in each day. This code will be text to all anglers as part of the confirmation text during the week of the event.

* Briefing- will be at Kirkleigh obviously, access code will be provided (as mentioned above) so anglers not staying at Kirkleigh can access the site.

That’s the main points that pop to mind at present. ABT realises this change is not ideal but it’s one that’s been placed upon us by SEQWater. The idea of having to get up earlier and do the drive north from Somerset township doesn’t bring a smile to our face, but it’s what we have to do. The upside of this is that the gridlock and traffic issues of cars cueing at the gate at The Spit won’t be an issue. This alone makes me very happy.

Contact details for Lake Somerset Holiday Park are as follow: 5497 1093, 1800 689 679. We’ll post more details as they come to hand.

Please see the link below for Lake Somerset Holiday Park rates. Minimum booking periods and charges for multiple vehicles may apply:

Lake Somerset Holiday Park Rate Card