Sunline Presentation at Somerset BASS Pro

EJ Todd, the Australian distributor of Sunline products is proud to announce that Japanese bass pro Mr. Katsutoshi FURUSAWA will be hitting our shores at the end of April on a Sunline promo tour and to fish the TT Lures BASS Pro Qualifier at Lake Somerset.

Mr FURUSAWA will headline a contingent of Sunline representatives, with their Aussie tour seeing them experience Australia’s tournament fishing first hand and promoting Sunline and its products in one of the companies increasingly growing markets.

The trip will see the guys fishing a host of bass lakes and visiting South East Queensland’s tackle stores during their week long trip, with a Sunline Promo Night at the Somerset BASS Pro briefing the highlight for tournament bass fans.

The presentation will include info on the latest products from Sunline, with a focus on the new Shooter Camo Invisible line, his tournament experience and techniques, and all things bassy.

With tournament pros Dave Young and Trent Short hosting our visiting anglers the crew from Sunline should be in for a fun and fish filled trip downunder.