Skeeter Owners’ Tournament Press Release- Same Date, Different Venue

Skeeter owners’ love their boats and they love their
tournament fishing, and when it comes to a great social outing there’s few
things better than the Skeeter Owners’ Tournament. For Skeeter Australia head
honcho Josh Batterson it’s a way to get his loyal customers together and enjoy
the thrill of tournament fishing and everything Skeeter.

Run every spring on either Lake Glenbawn
or at South West Rocks this year’s event was scheduled to hit the waters of Glenbawn
on the 18/19th September but due to a jam packed tournament calendar and a host
of events on Glenbawn will be heading back to South West Rocks.

“We love going to Glenbawn for the Owners’ Tournament but
with so many events on around the same time and on the same waterway it seems the
best option to head back to South West Rocks”, explained Josh.

While the owner’s tournament will take place on the date
originally planed and on the same weekend as the Quantum BASS Pro Grand Final,
both Josh and ABT Tournament Director Simon Goldsmith believe this is the least
disruptive compromise.

“We could have changed the date and stayed at the Glenbawn
but it was impossible to find a free weekend that wasn’t in school holidays or
months earlier or later than what we had ear marked for the event. We thought
it was easier for people to change where they were going rather than when they
were going. There might be a slight clash with anglers fishing the BASS Grand
Final but we think this is the best of all the options available”, explained Josh.

“It’s difficult to find a weekend clear of other events and
that doesn’t clash. For Josh to change location was a big plus for us and BASS
Grand Final competitors and we appreciate Josh and Skeeter for making the switch”,
explained Simon Goldsmith.

For Skeeter Owners the focus is now on South West Rocks, one of the central coasts hidden bream fisheries. For more information on the
Skeeter Owners’ Tournament visit