Cressbrook MotorGuide BASS Electric- 28th March

51 anglers turned out on a beautiful Autumn morning for the first
Cressbrook bass electric for 2010. With a slight rise in water level due to the
recent rain some anglers were hopeful of a hot bite while others knew it was
going to be tough.

Cressbrook lived up to its small bass reputation with only 4
anglers presenting 5 legal bass. Unfortunately a number of anglers had to be
turned away after presenting bass that did not quite make the legal length on
the official ABT ruler.

Roy Souter finished the morning with 2 bass totalling 1.14kg’s to
take out the event. Roy spent the morning sitting in 16 feet of
water and casting into the newly flooded weedbeds. Roy said that the weed he
was casting to would have previously been just under the water but with the
recent rise would now have been about 5 feet under. Using 4lb fireline and 4 lb
leader Roy cast a smoke yellow core slider rigged on a ½ oz jighead to score his
first legal. Roy
caught 5 bass for the morning and scored his second keeper hopping an Ayu 1/4oz
Evergreen blade.

Coming in second was Ian Galloway with his 1 bass for 750 grams. This
also scored Ian the big bass for the event. Ian fished the same point for the
entire session within sight of the boat ramp. Sitting in 28 feet of water Ian’s
fish came by casting a white painted Gamakatsu ½ oz jighead rigged with an
Atomic Ripperz in Baby Bass and counting down to the suspended bass. Ian used a
moderately fast retrieve to temp a total of 5 bass.

Cressbrook local Howard (How-Hard) Althaus came in third with one
bass for 430 grams. Howard stuck to his pre fish plan and fished a school up the
Bull Creek arm. Using his favourite rod  the ‘Barrabass’ custom tournament rod
matched to a Shimano Sustain spooled with 3lb Fireline Chrystal with 6lb leader
Howard also used a smoke yellow core slider rigged to a 3/8 oz Nitro jighead
casting to the suspended fish, counting down and then slow rolling the plastic
back to the boat.

Jason Lyons came in forth with his 395 gram bass and as there was no
5th place getter,  Peter McConnell took out the 5th place
prize pack after having his name drawn out by junior angler Chloe

We look forward to the next round at Cressbrook on the

Place Angler Fish Weight Big Bass
1 Roy Souter  2 1.14
2 Ian Galloway 1 0.75 0.75
3 Howard Althaus 1 0.43
4 Jason Lyons 1 0.395
5 David Bullard
5 Daniel Molloy
5 Jack Gold
5 Josh Wall
5 Ray Bass
5 Andrew Baunach
5 Stuart Franch
5 Caillum Wolff
5 Ben Banks
5 Luke Mitchell
5 Troy Ward
5 Jonathan Ward
5 Tom Burton
5 Peter Herbst
5 Darren Love
5 Ken Jackson
5 Chloe Jackson
5 Steve Oster
5 Adam Rogers
5 Matt Hawkless
5 Alberto Fernandes
5 Kerry Ehrlich
5 Tom Reynolds
5 Brett Kleinschmidt
5 Shaun Falkanhagan
5 Jonathan Box
5 Steven Mauch
5 Keith Mauch
5 John Bacon
5 Josh Cruick
5 Jason Steketee
5 Matt Johnson
5 Evan Johnson
5 Barry Oxford
5 Chris Fraser
5 Jack Fraser
5 Stephen Town
5 Bob Town
5 Charles West
5 David West
5 Arthur Allen
5 Paul Brackstone
5 Patrick Conduet
5 Bill Schloss
5 Jacinda Schloss
5 Paul Rowbotham
5 Peter McConnell