New Releases from Daiwa

Daiwa have a host of new releases for tournament anglers for the new year. Click the product to find out all you need to know about the latest offering from one of the fishing industry’s leading lights.

Exceler DA
4500 and 6500

Big, incredibly tough and designed to withstand the rigors
of saltwater use, the new Exceler is ideal for heavy duty saltwater fishing.
Designed to be powerful and based on the hugely popular
Saltist spinning reel series, the Exceler’s frame and side plate is constructed
of rigid aluminum alloy which supports Daiwa’s famous Digigear drive system.
The Digigear system provides up to 15% more cranking power than conventional
gears and is perfectly meshed to eliminate wear and tear, this is supported by
stainless steel bearings making it incredibly smooth to wind and virtually
corrosion free.

Whether you are jigging or casting offshore or spinning from
the rocks or surf beaches, the new Exceler DA 4500 and
6500 is the perfect choice for any saltwater angler.

  • Aluminum body and side plate
  • Digigear drive system
  • Airbail
  • Twistbuster II
  • ABS aluminum spool
  • Titanium nitride ball bearing
    line roller
  • Rotor brake
  • Full time dual stopper infinite
  • Bail trip on 4500 size, manual
    bail on 6500 size
  • Machined aluminum handle
  • 6 Stainless steel ball bearings
    inc 1 CRBB
4.7 (89
6 + 1 560 g 10 kg PE.
3/400m, 4/300m
4.7 (107
6 + 1 750 g 15 kg PE.
6/400m, 8/300m


Ultimate casting distance combined with extreme sensitivity
could be the simplest description of the new ultimate eging rod, the Emeraldas
ST 81M-MD.

Eging requires the use of fine diameter braids and leader,
casting distance, superior line control and extreme sensitivity, all these
requirements are best suited to the interline concept. By using the interline
design, line guide wrap is eliminated allowing for long fast casts to be made
confidently day or night with the risk of tangling or breaking off a jig.

The Emeraldas rod uses Daiwa’s latest blank technology by
introducing a new high modulus carbon blank material that allows the tip
section to be 25% thinner, then by combining precise resin control with unidirectional
graphite fibre this makes one of the lightest, strongest and most sensitive blanks
ever developed. Uniting HVF (high volume fibre) with the famous Linear
Interline design, the new “Super Interline” features “Hyper Dry” technology,
this super water repellent dry polymer offers the smoothest casts ever seen in
a rod. By using the Interline concept a new rod is born that has the finest
diameter interline blank developed, it resists twisting, eliminating blank
stress, creating better casting accuracy, even smoother drag pressure and
greater hook setting power far superior than any of its predecessors. Add
Daiwa’s ultra sensitive and ergonomic grips, reel seats and silicone guides and
you have the best eging rod available on the market. Match it up with the new Emeraldas 2506 and you have the
best eging gear available.
Perfectly matched
to the Emeraldas 2506 spinning reel
Perfectly matched
to the Emeraldas Colossal 2508 spinning reel
Please note that
the Emeraldas ST
81M-MD will be available from May 2010.

  • Linear interline – no guides, no tangles and no stress
  • Hyper Dry Technology – a super water repellent dry polymer
    – prevents water droplets interfering
    with line flow
  • Leader knots up to 20lb
    flow through easily
  • HVF (high volume fibre) Linear Interline blanks
  • Daiwa Surround Hold reel seats – the perfect balance
    between performance and comfort
  • Airfoam Grips – lighter, denser and more sensitive than
  • Silicone entrance and exit guides
  • High tensile stainless steel line feeder


ST 81M-MD SPIN 2 8’1″ MEDIUM FAST 2.5 – 3.5 PE 0.5-1.0

Emeraldas Sensor SS+Si HY-B Line

To get the ultimate performance from
Daiwa’s new range of Eging rods, reels and lures you need the ultimate in line
technology – Emeraldas Sensor SS+Si HY-B Line.
Designed specifically for eging techniques
the Emeraldas line features –

1.       Sinking quality – unlike many other braids which float Emeraldas
Sensor sinks for direct contact with your jig for ultimate sensitivity and control.
This also decreases the influence from wind by up to 50% thus better contact
with the jig
2.       Hybrid technology – the new hybrid design utilizes PE and polyester
that is impregnated with silicone to make an ultra strong hard wearing braid
that is amazingly thin has zero stretch.
3.       Colour – the new high visibility pink colour and marked with a white
band every 5 metres, the Emeraldas Sensor disappears under the water but is
highly visible to the angler.
4.       Superior casting – because of the weave pattern and silicone coating
Emeraldas Sensor offers superior casting quality far beyond the ability of
other braids.

Available in 150 metre spools of PE0.8

Emeraldas 2506

Introducing the worlds ultimate eging
reel…the Emeraldas 2506. Designed for the absolute purist squid angler the
Emeraldas is also one of the best finesse small spinning reels available,
perfect for light fluorocarbon and PE line fishing for bream, trout and bass
The new Emeraldas spinning reel uses “Zaion and Real Four”
technology, this delivers enhanced performance almost equal to Daiwa’s flag
ship models.

The highly precision machined Zaion body, is equivalent to Daiwa’s
famous “Air Metal” technology, it is not only light and tough but delivers
superior performance far beyond any other reel material available today.
Daiwa’s Real Four design reels set the standard for the
future of spinning reels.  The
engineering precision is flawless. Just one turn of the handle reveals the
effortless, fluid motion of 9 bearings working together with Hyper Digigear for
optimum meshing of speed, power and durability.

The sound of the oscillation is not just quiet its
non-existent, with a fully dampened gear and drives to eliminate unnecessary
noise and vibration. Daiwa’s levelwind system lays line evenly in a cross
wrapped pattern to prevent dig-in under pressure and eliminates casting loops,
while the sealed drag stays dry as water and drains quickly and easily from
other parts of the reel.

Emeraldas is a true legend, with its computer designed
“Zaion” body, body cover and rotor, super strong, yet ultra-lightweight Air
Bail, ABS Air Spool with cut-proof, titanium nitride lip and lifetime bail
spring, it’s no wonder that Zaion and Real Four technology is the future of the
modern spinning.

Whether you are into the latest eging techniques, finesse
tactics for bream and trout or just love the precision of superb engineering,
the Emeraldas 2506 is a must have reel.
Perfectly matched
with the amazing new Emeraldas Interline eging rod.

  • Real Four
  • Hyper Digigear
  • Silent oscillation II
  • Twistbuster II
  • Cross wrap
  • Machine-cut high accuracy “Zaion”
    body and rotor
  • 9 stainless steel ball bearings
    inc. Corrosion resistant CRBB ball bearing
  • Superfine Dura-aluminium
    machined main shaft
  • Machine cut engine plate
  • Rotor brake
  • Tournament Drag
  • Air Spool
  • Washable design
  • Custom Neo ball knob
  • Machined aluminium handle
  • 5 year warranty
  • Eco package (recycled material)
  • All saltwater friendly


Emeraldas 2506 4.8 (71cm) 8 + 1 210 g 3 kg PE 0.8/140m, 1/110m