Toonumbar Electric Results Mar 20-21

32 anglers lined up for a great start to the first session at Toonumbah dam with not a cloud in the sky and a rising barometer. Queensland angler Jonathon Ward took advantage of the conditions to land a great bag of fish, weighing in at 1.80 kg.

He also caught the big bass, a very fit 1.05 kg taken from the top end of the dam where it narrows into the creek. Casting parallel to the bank with a Yo-zuri mag Z lure on a Steez rod and a Daiwa Kix reel, using 6lb Fammel main line and 8lb nylon leader.

2nd placed angler was Lismore’s Hans Jensen using an Ecogear VT 65 sp lipless crank bait in white skeleton colour, to compile his bag limit of 1.68kg. He fished in the same area as Jonathon Ward. Tony Thorley, Dave Trinder and Troy Ward rounded out the top 5.

Session two fell to another clear morning, wind-less conditions with 34 anglers wanting to get out and hopefully get stuck in to a hot surface bite. One angler stepped up to the challenge- Dale Ianna also from Queensland throwing a Tiemco Red Pepper surface lure in brown over clear into the back of the lily pads. He only got one to two tweaks’ of the lure before it would foul on weed, wind it in and repeating this until he took a great bag of 1.70kg and taking the big bass prize with a 950gram healthy bass. The gear he used was a Steez rod and 2508 Steez spin reel on 6lb fire line and 6lb Yamato leader.

Second place angler was Steve McLean fishing the dam wall end in 25 to 35ft of water targeting suspending fish sitting in 20ft of water using long casts with a Dan Stead Impact Blade in black and silver colour. The gear Steve used was a Samurai 201 spin rod and a Daiwa 1500cy reel with 6lb Unitika braid and 6lb sun line leader. He took a bag of two for 1.36kg.

Filling out the top 5 anglers with 3rd place was a tie with Dave Trinder and Troy ward on 1.17kg with Blair Chilton and Jason Lyons close behind.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, it was a great weekend and there was a top field of anglers. Hope to see everyone there next year.

Adrian Melchior

Session 1

Name Number of Fish Weight Big Bass
Jonathan Ward 2 1.8 1.05
Hans Jensen 2 1.68  
Tony Thorley 2 1.45  
Dave Trinder 2 1.42  
Troy Ward 2 1.27  
Dave Bullard 2 1.15  
Paul Gillespie 1 0.6  
Josh Wall 1 0.56  
Daniel Bull 1 0.54  
Dale Ianna 1 0.52  
Paul Gray 1 0.51  
Jay Gillespie 1 0.48  
Jamie Leitzow 1 0.47  
Jason Lowe 1 0.46  
Tom Reynolds 1 0.44  
Rick Gough 1 0.43  
Jeff Herse 1 0.43  
Brian Rutledge 1 0.41  
Vinnie Bleakley  
Steve McLean  
Danny Robinnson  
Ken Fitzgibbon  
Rod Shorton  
Pete Bostock  
Paul Kneller  
Mark Lennox  
Blair Chilton  
Jason Lyons  
Ian Moss  
Scott Sutherland  
Brett Kleinschmidt  
Scott Lane      


Session 2

Name Number of Fish Weight Big Bass
Dale Ianna 2 1.7 0.95
Steve McLean 2 1.36  
Troy Ward 2 1.17  
Dave Trinder 2 1.17  
Blair Chilton 2 1.12  
Jason Lyons 2 0.93  
Paul Gillespie 1 0.63  
Tony Thorley 1 0.62  
Ken Fitzgibbon 1 0.61  
Jonathan Ward 1 0.58  
Dave Bullard 1 0.57  
Brett Kleinschmidt 1 0.54  
Scott Sutherland 1 0.53  
Pete Bostock 1 0.5  
Jamie Leitzow 1 0.5  
Josh Wall 1 0.45  
Vinnie Bleakley  
Danny Robinnson  
Rod Shorton  
Hans Jensen  
Casey Bullard  
Paul Kneller  
Paul Gray  
Mark Mulligan  
Mark Lennox  
Jeff Herse  
Rick Gough  
Jason Lowe  
Ian Moss  
Tom Reynolds  
Brian Rutledge  
Daniel Bull  
Scott Lane  
Jay Gillespie