Tabs Grand Electric- Round 1

Torqeedo presents the first round of the
Grand Electric Serries

The venue has been changed from Maroon to
Wivenhoe, and from all accounts the recent water rise has triggered a fish feeding
frenzy around the 50cm + range and should make for one of those legendary Wivenhoe competitions.

Torqeedo Round 1 payouts are from 1st down to
10th  with the lucky winner not only bagging some monster Wivenhoe
bass but also the very latest in Torqeedo Electric engines. The winner’s prize(RRP $2695 Travel 1003s)  is packed with the latest technological innovations direct from

The new range is now completely water proof and even work under water
so of course salt water is no problem. They have an integrated GPS smart system 
that calculates your remaining range at that speed so you can modify your speed
to make sure you get home.

The most  incredibly benefit I found considering last year models were so
incredibly powerful efficient is their consumption is now 20% better “that’s
impressive”.  On the big lakes like Wivenhoe  this makes a huge difference
allowing the owner to fish virgin water all day long. We haven’t forgotten 2nd
to 10th either as they take prise packs filled with tournament
Quality Lures and Atomic soft plastics and  Atomic Hardz . Quality gear equals
Quality fish.