New Daiwa Certate

The original Certate, introduced in 2004, brought ground
breaking technology with Real Four design, a combination that set standards for
all Daiwa spinning reels from that time on.

Its unparalleled engineering
produced a flawless design that became the flagship for Daiwa. Until now.
Introducing the all new Certate.

New innovations and unparalleled designs, it’s
what you’ve come to expect from the world leader in fishing tackle.

The new Certate heralds a giant leap forward in design,
revolving around one ground breaking material – magnetic fluid. Developed by
NASA to magnetically deliver fuel to space ships, this technology has been
adapted now to Daiwa’s latest flagship spinning reel.

Mixing a liquid with iron isn’t easy, but Daiwa has mastered
it in the new Certate range. When dispersed evenly through liquid, the iron
oxide (magnetite) has a diameter of 1/100,000mm, so small that the surface area
of the ferromagnetic particle is around 1/10th of a single influenza

This new metallic grease/oil takes on a new effect, placed
by itself it forms a typical liquid helical shape with the introduction of a
magnetic force it changes shape similar to the android in Terminator II,
attaching itself to any other metal to form a seal. So strong is this magnetic
liquid that if placed in a container with a magnetic surface it would retain
its shape even if the bottom was removed.

Being magnetized this lubrication system avoids any friction
and prevents dust intrusion, eliminating oil spray and significantly improving reel
life expectancy.

The challenge for Daiwa was to use utilise the inherent
benefits of magnetic liquid in reel design. Instead of it being used to
dustproof, we needed something that was waterproof. Innovative design combined new
CRBB bearings with a magnetic oil membrane and making it possible.  Water intrusion is now a thing of the past, the
dream was realised. Just when you thought Certate was the best you could buy,
think again.

Daiwa’s primary design motivation in redeveloping the Certate
was to exclude water.  Given its
popularity amongst anglers fishing marine waters, sealing the Certate was a
major goal in taking it to the next level. No leakage would mean no corrosion,
longer life and better performance.

When saltwater penetrates a reel and dries,
it crystallizes, then erodes gears and bearings. Although waterproof gaskets
and “o rings’ prevent water intrusion in most instances, they have the
disadvantage of, producing friction and thus winding inertia.
With saltwater fishing, in order to
increase the durability of the reel, Daiwa had to make the waterproof structure
an absolute priority. Through years of research and development, Daiwa found
the solution – a membrane of magnetic oil which shuts out saltwater. By using
magnetized oil in conjunction with magnets a seal is created. We call it “Mag

You’ll call it magic and a transformation to long lasting, smooth rotary
Not only does “Mag Seal” prevent saltwater
penetration for a smoother revolution of the rotor system, it also increases
sensitivity. You will feel more connected to lures, detect more bites and fight
fish with ease. Real design and real technological development for ‘reel
sensitivity’. Keeping saltwater out will make fishing more enjoyable and

Making use of the magnetic fluid
technology, we have redeveloped the rotor to perfection, introducing a whole
new revolution in spinning reel design – Air Rotor.
Previous rotor systems have been based
around the same design principles for the past 44 years, though efficient, with
Daiwa needed a new rotor design to compliment Mag Seal.

The functional beauty of Air Rotor is like
no other, complimenting the Mag Seal system, Air Rotor is truly a revolution in
sensitivity. The new rotor now serves several functions. Firstly the main
principle of the rotor is support the line roller, line is pulled
instantaneously from the spool to the line roller creating stress and flexing
to a concentrated section of the lower rotor. The new arch form disperses
pressure to the entire lower entire section of the rotor, dramatically
decreasing stress and flexing.

Sensitivity is one of the strongest
attributes of Air Rotor. The rotor is made from a high sensitive resin that
transmits vibration through the reel more efficiently than ever before. By
hollowing out the rotor system, a lighter construction is created with more
surface area, resulting in increased strength and greater transmission of
vibration. With a decrease in weight the balance has been fine tuned, with a
lower centre of gravity and precise centre of axis the rotor spins more
efficiently with perfect balance. This decrease in weight, increased surface
area and new resin construction transmits lure vibration to the angler like
never before.

Working in conjunction with the Mag Seal
the Air Rotor has been hollowed out to create airflow through the whole rotor
system.  The new design when rotated
forces air flow into the heart of the rotor and Mag Seal system helping to
prevent foreign material such as water, salt, sand and dust collecting inside
the reel. Rotary sensitivity has never been described in any other reel, the
new Certate breaking new grounds and setting the standard for future

The new Certate is available in 7 sizes
from the ultra finesse 1003 up to the heavy duty 3000 model. For more in-depth
information check out the new mini Certate site on or order a
copy through the Daiwa site of the new Certate catalogue.