BLA Sunday Shootout

Andrew Robison, a 39 year-old underground coal miner claims the title of BLA Sunday Shootout Winner, and wins an all expenses paid trip to USA to compete in a bass tournament.

Bagging a 2-fish second session limit of 1.94kg, Robinson relegated inaugural BASS Pro Grand Final winner Harry Watson to second place (2/2, 1.91kg), to snatch the trip to the states and top of a fantastic year that also saw him capture the title of BASS Pro Angler of the Year.

With the field of 29 BASS Pro Grand Final anglers split into five pools based on their final ranking after the Grand Final, anglers fished over a shortened 3-hour session with the objective of catching the largest bag of the six anglers competing in each pool.

The completion of session one saw five pool winners, plus one wildcard entrant through to the second and final session. With David Green (2/2, 3.21kg), Andrew Robinson (2/2, 2.45kg), Spiro Zantiotis (2/2, 2.58kg), Peter Keidge (2/2, 3.04kg), Trent Butler (2/2, 3.10kg), and Harry Watson (2/2, kg) all taking their positions on the start line.

With anglers feeling the effects of nerves and the fishing becoming increasingly difficult with increasing exposure to competition, anglers struggled to locate fish in ample quantities and ease in capture.

Three tense hours for spectators and anglers alike provided an action packed and tension laden weigh-in, with the final tournament limited weighed ensuring Andrew Robinson (2/2, 1.94kg) of victory, followed by Harry Watson (2/2, 1.91kg), Peter Keidge (2/2, 1.63), David Green (2/2, 1.50kg), Trent Butler (1/2, 1.08), and Spiro Zantiotis (1/2, .55kg).

In compiling is two session limits, Robinson focused his angling time on the middle reaches of the dam, targeting the banks in the area near the junction of the Stuart and Boyne arms of the waterway.
While Robinson caught fish from close to the banks earlier in the day, as the day progressed he found the need to position his boat and target fish that had now moved out into deeper water. Robinson explained, “ in session one I was catching fish while the boat was in 15-20 feet of water. By the second session I couldn’t find any let only catch any at that depth, so I dropped back to water that was up to 40 feet deep, and I found the fish”.

Robinson like most anglers over the weekend chose a Jackall as his go-to lure for the event. Alternating his choice between the TN-60, in Ayu colour, and a Mask Vib60, also in Ayu colour. Fishing the former of the two with a slow deliberate retrieve, Robinson found a repetitious pause within the retrieve was enough to tempt the fish he in many instances pinpointed with his sounder.
His approach when using the softer version was less reactionary, with a traditional soft plastic, hop-drop retrieve utilized to catch his tournament winning limits.

His tackle of choice included in baitcaster form a Black Diamond Bass Predator rod, 2-4kg, 6’6”, a TDX Daiwa HSD 100 reel, 20lb Bionic Braid, and 20lb Nitlon Leader.

Robinson’s outfit of choice when opting for a soft Jackall included a Black Diamond Bass Predator Spin Jig rod, 3-5kg, 6’6”, a Daiwa Advantage 2000 reel, 4lb Fireline, and 10lb Nitlon.

In celebrating his latest victory and his presentation of the BASS Pro Angler of the Year trophy, Robinson one of the most liked anglers on the circuit, thanked not only his sponsors, Black Diamond, Slider, Columbia, Daiwa, Lowrance, and Smak, but also the people that have helped him out since he start fishing the tournaments.

His performance not only reconfirmed his supremacy as one the circuits better anglers but also provided Robinson with an all expenses paid trip to the USA to compete in a WON bass tournament, as well as a fit out by BLA of all the wet and cold weather clothing that he’ll need to survive the wintery conditions that will be on offer on the trip to the USA.

Information for the 2005 BASS Pro Series will be available in the 2005 Tournament Anglers Guide, mailed to all ABT members in 2005. Call Simon Goldsmith during business hours (07) 3268 3992 for more information- ABT

  BLA Sunday ShootOut Session 1. 6-9am      
Ranking Pool A Fish Weight Placing
1 David GREEN 2 3.21 Qualifier
10 John SCHOFIELD 2 2.11  
15 Andrew HOMANN 2 1.87  
20 Mike CREIGHTON 1 0.88  
25 Trevor STEAD 0 0  
  Pool B      
2 Andrew ROBINSON 2 2.45 Qualifier
9 Gavin DUNNE 2 2.25  
14 Greg WALTON 2 2.03  
19 Jason JOVANOVIC 2 1.81  
24 Zack KRONK 0 0  
29 Dave ROBINSON 0 0  
  Pool C      
3 Spiro ZANTIOTIS 2 2.58 Qualifier
8 Baden SPARROW 2 2.43
13 Jason EHRLICH 2 2.36
18 Jamie KANOWSKI 1 1.38  
28 Kerry EHRLICH 0 0  
  Pool D      
4 Trent BUTLER 2 3.1 Qualifier
7 Peter KEIDGE 2 3.04 Qualifier- Wildcard
12 Tony PAYNE 2 2.35  
17 Carl JOCUMSEN 2 2.04  
22 Craig SIMMONS 2 2.03  
27 Stephen ALMOND 2 1.9  
  Pool E      
5 Harry WATSON 2 2.47 Qualifier
6 Stephen KANOWSKI 2 2.33  
11 Colin SINGLETON 2 2  
16 Matthew MOTT 2 1.83  
21 Mike DELISSER 2 1.43  
26 Kerry SYMES 1 1.02  
  BLA Sunday ShootOut Session 2. 9.30am- 12.30pm      
    Fish Weight Placing
  Andrew ROBINSON 2 1.94 1
  Harry WATSON 2 1.91 2
  Peter KEIDGE 2 1.63 3
  David GREEN 2 1.5 4
  Trent BUTLER 1 1.08 5
  Spiro ZANTIOTIS 1 0.55 6