Danjera Bass Electric Results Feb 07

16 anglers braved it out at Danjera Dam in miserable conditions for the 1st of 2 rounds to be held at the Dam for the ABT Bass Electric 2010.

1st place went to Darren Longbottom, he scored his winning 1.140kg bag by fishing points and bays at the back of the dam. His choice of the day were Jackall Chubbies and Atomic Hard Bodies, well done mate.

2nd place went to ABT regular, Brenton Smith who is a newcomer to Danjera Dam. It was a very impressive effort by Brenton who achieved his 1.090kg by casting his BLING bag of lures (that he revealed the previous night) in the main basin.

3rd place when to Dave Mann who headed to the rear of the dam and concentrated on the small standing timber areas. Casting purple and gold Compact Bassman Spinerbait he got his 2 fish for the day, weighing in at 1.080kg.

Big bass winner and 4th place getter, BIG Scottie Hutchinson was firing out Jackall TN60’s in the main basin in small timbered bays to grab his cracker 0.710kg fish.

And Glenn Hayter casting Jackall Craw Fish to the edges, towards the back of the dam scored a 0.610kgs to grab 5th place.

Thanks to all competitors for sticking it out in the atrocious weather conditions and good to see everyone hanging around for the presentation and BBQ afterwards.

Dave Mann

1st Darren Longbottom 1.140
2nd Brenton Smith 1.090
3rd David Mann 1.080
4th Scott Hutchinson 0.710 big bass
5th Glenn Hayter 0.610 and he was on a hat trick as well. He has won the last 2 rounds not this weekend mate.
6th Skipp Small 0.600
7th Tony Downie 0.440
8 Mick Skinner 0
9 Joe Pietraszkienicz 0
10 Ed Harrison 0
11 Brian Rutledge 0
12 Jeff McKee 0
13 Cole Hutchinson 0
14 Robert Handford 0
15 Josh Carpenter 0
16 Allan Pattullo 0