BASS Pro Grand Final Final Results

There were high expectations for the 2009 BASS Pro Grand Final at Lake Somerset with some quality fish caught at the final qualifying event nearly a month prior. Fresh in the minds of the anglers, was the fantastic result and effort made by Carl Jocumsen in his debut American bass tournament, courtesy of his Grand Final win a year early at Lake St.Clair. Down to the top 30 anglers in each division, it was crunch time and at the conclusion of three fishing sessions, only one victor would hold the trophy aloft.

It seemed not that long ago that Matthew Mott stood on the winner’s podium dedicating his Somerset win to good friend Ian Black. Who would have thought that with the cream of the crop surrounding him, including several previous Grand Final winners, that he would be able to back it up and perform again.

But perform he did. At the conclusion of session one, he sat poised in second place with 2/2, 3.07kg, 100grams behind good friend and previous Somerset Grand Final victor Kerry Symes, who had managed to land a fantastic 3.17kg specimen.

While the AFL Grand Final was being played out in Melbourne that Saturday afternoon, on a windy Lake Somerset another tussle was playing out. David Green had come in with a massive 2/2, 4.43kg bag to sit on top of the leader board with a clear 1.16kg lead over Mott and the rest of the field.

The final Sunday session was made harder by the wind and dust, with the knowledge of Somerset’s notorious big bass out there, it was still anybody’s title. When David Green arrived at the weigh in with his hands in the hand proclaiming, “I’ve got nothing,” Motty’s consistency with 6/6, 8.27kg was enough to secure his victory and place his name in the record books as the only BASS Pro angler to win two Grand Finals.

Much like his pattern a month prior, Mott used a G.Loomis Crankbait rod match to a Daiwa Steez spooled with 6lb Sunline Super PE and 12lb Vanish leader.

“I used silver and natural coloured ice jigs to match the bony bream,” he said.

“Casting out 10 metres in front of the boat I would electric over to the lure fishing it vertically. If I didn’t see fish on the sounder, I would move. I covered a lot of water doing this,” he continued.

Mott was looking for the thick red line of the bass holding hard to the bottom, targeting these fish rather than the usual schooled bass.

Saturday morning he scored his two fish early from Beams Creek and later upgrading near the Spit amongst the water skiers. Saturday afternoon saw a bit more attention by anglers to the Beams Creek area and Matthew moved out looking for similar ridges to score his fish.

The wind was up to 30 knots on the final day and the electric was on 100% to simply hold position and grind forward. Matthew’s technique proved to be a winner, finding a dropoff that held fish, he landed his full limit and came to the weigh in hoping for a top 5 finish.

“I didn’t expect the win, with Greeny knowing the lake so well and a kilo in front,” claimed Mott.

“I was absolutely stoked, and proud of my young fella Dylan who fishes his own style and has been doing well,” said Mott of his 16 year old son.

The trip to the States now means that Matthew gets to experience first hand the techniques that he has been examining in US magazines and videos.

“This will be our one big family holiday to Vegas,” said Mott.

The Grand Final win means that he now has secured his spot on AFC for another year and with the pressure off can really enjoy himself. Whilst looking up to mentor John Schofield for many years, Matthew has equalled his record of 5 event wins. Proud of his current achievements he is ready to continue pushing himself and the sport he loves.

Runner up for 2009 was Gregg Flett, who managed a full 6/6 limit for 8.14kg. Having never fished the dam before, the Friday prefish saw him head for Bay 13 were Flett soon found schooling fish and stayed at that location all weekend.

Using a Millerod Blademaster Lite rod matched to a Shimano Chronarch 50MG spooled with 15lb Sussex Performance braid and 10lb FC Rock leader, Flett chose the 7 gram Nilsmaster ice jig as his lure of choice.

“I used different colours throughout the weekend but most had black stripes to match the Lake’s barred grunter,” he said.

In contrast to Mott’s ice jig technique, Flett worked his lures vertically up and down with a constant, short and sharp jig, lifting the lure approximately 2ft off the bottom.

Having also caught several bass on fly in the prefish, the strong winds meant that Flett had to stick to his ice jig technique to score his limit. Often hooking up on one fish meant that the sounder would light up with active fish and a 15 to 20 minute window would arise where he had to land his two best fish.

Champion non boater was Andrew Drennan, the only angler in his division to land his full limit. Having recently travelling up from NSW and winning the last qualifying event, Andrew was wrapped to score Mott and Flett as his two boaters for the premier event.

Drennan used a Sahana rod matched to a Daiwa Heartland baitcaster reel that Wayne Beazley had recently given him from the Daiwa Big Bass prize at Lake Somerset. Spooled on this reel was 10lb Berkley Crystal and 8lb Nitlon fluorocarbon.

Drennan used the same ice jig that had brought him so much luck a month earlier. A Nilsmaster jig with green back, white belly and red tail.

In a true show of sportsmanship, Drennan commented on the exceptional generosity of his two boaters.

“Once Motty had his two, I was invited up to the front deck and was shown a few things. It was a good feeling and a learning experience,” he said.

“Whilst fishing with Gregg I lost my ice jig to a fish, as the sounder was lit up with bass, Gregg offered one of his rods already tied with a jig ready to go and this is what I caught my limit on,” Drennan continued.

His victory ensuring he went home with a swag of Engel products including a 35lt fridge/freezer and a 1000 generator. The essential kit for travelling to bass competitions and camping out.

The 2009 BASS Pro Grand Final kicks off a week long of bass tournaments, including the mid-week Humminbird BASS Megabucks and concluding with the Motorguide BASS Electric Convention at Lake Boondooma.

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ABT BASS Pro Series: 2009 BASS PRO Grand Final Boater
Place Angler State F1 W1 F2 W2 F3 W3 TF TW Payout
1 Matthew MOTT QLD 2 3.07 2 2.77 2 2.43 6 8.27 Trip to the US to
fish a bass tournament
2 Gregg FLETT NSW 2 2.23 2 2.73 2 3.18 6 8.14 Engel 45lt Fridge
3 David GREEN QLD 1 2.57 2 4.43     3 7 Engel 45lt Fridge
4 Kerry SYMES QLD 1 3.17     2 3.56 3 6.73 Engel Pack
5 Adrian MELCHIOR NSW 2 2.65 2 2.45 2 1.59 6 6.69 Engel Pack
6 Mike CREIGHTON QLD 2 3.02 2 1.85     4 4.87  
7 Paul COOPER QLD 1 1.29 1 1.27 1 2.23 3 4.79  
8 Tim MORGAN QLD 1 2.45 1 1.48 1 0.62 3 4.55  
9 Wayne BEAZLEY NSW     1 1.15 2 2.95 3 4.1  
10 Stephen ALMOND NSW     2 1.78 2 2.32 4 4.1  
11 Scott DAKIN QLD 1 1.27 1 0.59 1 2.24 3 4.1  
12 Carl JOCUMSEN QLD 1 0.78     2 2.17 3 2.95  
13 David YOUNG QLD         2 2.63 2 2.63  
14 John BRIDER Qld     2 2.62     2 2.62  
15 Steve ELDRED QLD 2 1.57 1 1.05     3 2.62  
16 Stephen KANOWSKI QLD     1 1.05 2 1.35 3 2.4  
17 Bruce ANDERSON NSW         2 1.04 2 1.04  
18 Simon BARKHUIZEN QLD 1 1.01         1 1.01  
19 Peter MAY Qld     1 1.01     1 1.01  
20 Justin SCOTT NSW     1 0.97     1 0.97  
21 Dan RYAN QLD         1 0.94 1 0.94  
22 Matthewjames ANDERSON NSW     1 0.88     1 0.88  
23 Bill SCHLOSS Qld 1 0.75         1 0.75  
24 Brad CLARK QLD 1 0.66         1 0.66  
25 Daniel CLANCY NSW 1 0.5         1 0.5  
26 Craig SIMMONS QLD                  
26 Aaron MOGG Qld                  
26 William SCHLOSS QLD                  
26 Mike DELISSER QLD                  
26 Jody VERNON NSW                  
BASS Pro Series: 2009 BASS PRO Grand Final Non-Boater Results
Place Angler State F1 W1 F2 W2 F3 W3 TF TW Payout
1 Andrew DRENNAN NSW 2 1.99 2 2.04 2 1.76 6 5.79 Engel 35lt Fridge,
Engel 1000SX Generator
2 Mark LENNOX NSW 2 2.87     2 2.42 4 5.29 Engel 45lt Fridge
3 Ashley SIMS Qld 2 2.27 2 1.38     4 3.65 Engel 45lt Fridge
4 Mark REINBOTT QLD 2 2.17     1 0.88 3 3.05 Engel Pack
5 Joe ALLAN QLD 2 2.38 1 0.66     3 3.04 Engel Pack
6 Dylan MOTT QLD 2 1.83 1 1.04     3 2.87  
7 Andrew LOW NSW     2 2.04 1 0.65 3 2.69  
8 Luke NOVAK NSW     1 1.1 1 1.3 2 2.4  
9 John PICTON NSW 2 2.36         2 2.36  
10 Karen BERRY NSW     2 1.28     2 1.28  
11 Arthur ALLEN Qld 1 1.23         1 1.23  
12 David LEE Qld         1 1.08 1 1.08  
13 Corey KERR Qld 1 0.92         1 0.92  
14 Jaimen TUNSTALL Qld     1 0.92     1 0.92  
15 Bernard AUSTIN NSW 1 0.91         1 0.91  
16 David MELROSE Qld         1 0.73 1 0.73  
17 Damien DONNELLY QLD     1 0.52     1 0.52  
18 Jake SCHWERIN QLD                  
18 Ken BRIDER QLD                  
18 Anthony BULL Qld                  
18 Stephen MCLEAN NSW                  
18 Gavin STICKLEN QLD                  
18 Matt HAWKLESS Qld                  
18 Allan PRICE NSW                  
18 Paul PHILLIPS Qld                  
18 Freddie SAWYER Qld                  
18 Craig SLATTERY Qld                  
18 Graham DODDS Qld                  
18 Alan MCNAMARA NSW                  
18 Jayson
37 45.9 36 39.1 33 38.1 106 123