Maroon Electric Sept 13

The last chance to qualify for the Motorguide Bass Electric Convention saw thirty three anglers pit themselves against a harder than usual bite on Maroon. With some of the field already qualified it would mean that almost any legal Bass would secure entry to the convention. Conditions were perfect, some saying a little too perfect with little to no wind, high blue skies and very clear water meaning anglers could see their sub surface presentations all the way back to the boat. So not surprisingly most of the fish caught were taken either quite early when the light was low or on smaller more subtle presentations.

In fifth place with 1/2 for .750kg and earning himself a convention spot was Henry Moggs from the Toowoomba area. Henry got his fish on an Atomic paddle tail grub with the tail dipped in chartreuse.

In fourth and and grabbing some of the last Rankings List points for the year was Dave Bullard with 1/2 .780kg. A green Slider grub with a Beetle Spin attached fished in the timber did the job.

In third, also qualifying for the convention was Mike Creighton who used fly gear with a black and purple Bass vampire up in the timber to snag his 1/2 for .800kg which was a mere 20 grams from taking big bass for day.

In second and rounding out those who qualified was one of the newer faces to the Bass Electric comps, Matt Parcell who jerkbaited a Lucky Craft Bevy Shad for his 1/2 .0820kg which took out Big Bass for the day.

In first place and the only angler to get his limit for the day was David West who went to a small bay not far from the start and used a Rapala Skitterpop for both of his fish which were caught within about 10 minutes of each other going 2/2 for 1.300kg. David was also just edged out for Big Bass for the day with his larger fish also being .800kg.

1st David West 2/2 1.300kg,
2nd Matt Parcell 1/2 0.820kg
3rd Mike Creighton 1/2 0.800kg
4th Dave Bullard 1/2 0.780kg
5th Henry Moggs 1/2 0.750kg
6th Jonathon Ward 1/2 0.680kg
7th Jesper Noissen 1/2 0.480kg

That concludes the regular season Bass electric events for the year and we hope to see you all for the season in 2010