MotorGuide- Give weeds the axe with the new Safari trolling prop

Give weeds the axe with the new Safari trolling prop  

have always had a love-hate relationship with aquatic vegetation. They love the
fish the plants attract but they hate getting their trolling motor stuck in the

all that is over because MotorGuide has given anglers the upper hand with the new MotorGuide Safari weedless propeller which is designed
to deliver an extremely weed-free performance as well as exceptional open-water

by propulsion experts at the Mercury Propeller Division, Safari is an efficient
two-blade prop built on a tapered-hub design that leaves no gap between prop
and housing. That means weeds keep moving toward the business end of the lower
unit where the blades cut them and throw them clear.

the prop is constructed from durable glass-filled nylon so it can endure
run-ins with stumps and rocks hidden among the vegetation.

Safari weedless prop has undergone comprehensive testing in the United States,
where it’s been put through its paces by experts.

and Mercury really did their work on this one,” said Terry Scroggins, a
five-time BASS winner. “While we’ve had ‘weedless’ props before, Safari has
taken the concept to a whole new level. Without a doubt, this is the quietest
and most weed-free design on the market, and this prop is already making my
fishing life a whole lot better.”

fishing pro Gene Bucholtz has been using Safari among the nastiest growth of
the California Delta.

a believer,” he said. “Safari has already changed the way I fish my favourite
spots, getting me in and out of tough spots quicker and giving me more quality
fishing time.”

fits virtually all MotorGuide trolling motors and has a RRP of just $44.

enquiries – contact Jonathan Revitt on 08 8267 6888