Moogerah BASS Electric Aug 30

A great turnout of 27 boats and nearly 40 anglers were greeted with conditions that would be considered anything but great. High winds whipped across Moogerah making it very slow going to the better areas on the other side of the lake. Previous days prefish had proved productive with plenty of Bass willing to take most forms of lures but it seemed that the change had unfortunatly shut them down and as such only five anglers bagged a single fish each.

A total of 80 grams spread the field with all the fish in the 32cm slot common for the dam.

In fifth place was Jonathon Ward with 1/2 for 0.680kg and fourth was Rory Saint with 1/2 for 0.700kg. Charles West took out third place on his third cast using a spinnerbait on the rocky point directly opposite the boat ramp for 1/2 0.710kg.

For second place, Jason Lyons hooked his fish on the first cast using a Noike Gill TN60 at the back of the gorge for 1/2 0.740kg.

The eventual winner had quite a trial in the windy condition, at one point grabbing a large rock off the shore to try and anchor himself on one of the points that was very open to the wind, after spending a while at nearly full power on the electric to stay on the spot. A 1/4oz TT switchblade in Golden Boy vertically jigged with small hops and long pauses did the damage. Unfortunatly it nearly came unstuck as all the time on the electric earlier on left him with all three batteries flat about 300 metres from the shore. After a few stressed minutes the cranking battery for the petrol motor was dug out of the boat which had enough to get back to shore. Taking out first place and big bass was Josh Carpenter with 1/2 0.760kg.

Next electric will be Isis Balancing Storage near Bundaberg next Sunday and hopefully it will turn on the surface bite it is well known for.