St Clair BASS Electric Results 09-08

The bench mark of NSW Bass Electric’s, Dave “Kiwi” Trinder, smashes the opposition to take out the last Bass electric on a glassed out Lake St Clair in 2009.

Kiwi dominated the pack bagging out with 2 fish for 2.08 Kg fishing the Carrowbrook arm with Camo worms rigged on 1/12 Oz heads, worked slow to the edge & around timber. Helping his limit was the big bass of 1.51Kg coming early in the session.

Most importantly speaking to Kiwi on his way home to Taree, he wished to thank Paul Piper, a fellow competitor for his help in getting home after the tournament. Kiwi had car troubles & without hesitation, on his way to the Somerset Bass Pro tournament, Paul lent a helping hand to see them both on their way. The friends we make in Fishing!

Second was Ben Gibson with 2/2 for 1.75 & a crucial lesson in venting impoundment bass, also fishing the Carrowbrook arm with Eco Gear blades in deep water, the fish came around 8am with the odd upgrade.

Rounding out the podium was Glenn Hayter, fishing the bay behind the camp area with Grass Minnow’s on Custom 1/4oz heads to acquire his bag of 1.58Kg.

Dave Trinder 2/2 2.08Kg
Ben Gibson 2/2 1.75Kg
Glenn Hayter 2/2 1.58Kg
Michael Skinner 2/2 1.48Kg
Paul Gogarty 2/2 1.45Kg
Dave Mann 2/2 1.42Kg
Allan Price 2/2 1.37Kg
Scott Hinkley 2/2 1.35Kg
Ed Harrison 2/2 1.31Kg
Mick Hall 2/2 1.14Kg
Brett Hardey 1/2 .83Kg
Mark Gogarty 1/2 .62Kg
Cole Hutchison 1/2 .55Kg
David Mudd  
Neil Scott  
Paul Piper  
Maurie Shahahah  
Scott Hutchison  
Ben Lloyd  
Ashley Beard  
Gus Dunn  
Bob Schmahl  
Trent Hall  
Jason Simpson