McDonald Electric Results Aug 2

The 2nd and final Lake Macdonald ‘electric’ bass tournament of 2009, attracted 27 anglers, for a cold 6.30 am start.
The dam is now fishing better every year, as the quality of the 30 legal bass weighed in, showed. Many smaller fish were caught along with the legals. The bass are fit, healthy and go hard!. It won’t be long now before the Lake returns to its former glory.

Brisbane’s Adrian Wilson took both first place and big bass prizes with a healthy bag of 2.050 kg and big bass of 1.430kg. Fishing with convention qualifier Ian Galloway, he targeted the ‘three ways’ area to land his fish. Using a favorite Daiwa Battler rod and Sol reel spooled with 14lb PE braid and 14lb FC Rock leader, he cast a Blue Gill Jackall into open water between the weeds to land 3 legal fish.

A delighted Adrian said, “ Ian was hogging the weed edges, so I made long casts into open water and slowly rolled the lure back to the boat. We soon realized that there were fish close to the bottom in that open water. I’m stoked to actually win a comp and qualify for the convention”.

Second place went to electric ever present and qualifier Jesper Noiesen. He used a Loomis rod to cast a combination of spinnerbaits, blades and a gold Jackall around the ‘three ways’ to land a total of 5 bass for the session. Jespers bag weighed in at 1.638kg.

Adrian Wilson’s boater, Ian Galloway took out 3rd place with a bag weight of 1.577kg. Ian also used a Battler rod and Daiwa reel spooled with 10 lb Penn braid and 12lb Nitlon leader to cast a TN 60 silent gold Jackal to the edge of the weed and through the open water.

Ian’s boat raises a few eyebrows when he takes off from the starting line with his 48volt, 5hp electric outboard, reaching a speed of around 8-10 knots, leaving all other boats in his wake.

Tewantin local Paul Flemming, now joins his wife Sue in the convention after taking out 4th place with a bag of 1.552kg. Paul used his local knowledge of Maccas to land 11 fish overall. Paul placed his boat in 18 feet of water and cast a TN60 Rattling (Noike Gill) Jackall and a gold Blade to the edge of a weed bank, with a slow roll and pause retrieve.

Congratulations to Paul and Sue, both fine anglers, who live, work and fish together, that became the first husband and wife to reach a convention for the second time.

A thrilled Don Harris of Bundaberg snatched fifth spot and a convention place weighing in 2 bass at 1.266kg. Fishing with his two mates in a nice looking, well laid out 5.2 mtr Savage Pro Angler boat, they targeted Bass Bay, hopping TT blades. Dons choice of tackle was a Shimano Raider rod with a Stradic reel.

Sixth placed Jason Lyons and a very happy tenth placed Rory Saint also qualified for this years convention.

Organisers, Mark Pertot and Mal Favager would like to thank all anglers for their attendance at both Maccas comps this year, with special thanks going out to local stocking group president, Jim Park, for supplying a well accepted sausage sizzle on both occasions.

1  – 
Adrian Wilson      2/2 – 2.050 kg

–  Jesper Noiesen    2/2 – 1.638

–  Ian Galloway       2/2 – 1.577

–  Paul Flemming   2/2 – 1.552

–  Don Harris          2/2 – 1.266

–  Jason Lyons        2/2 – 1.262

–  Dale Inana           2/2 – 1.250

–  Shane Anderson  2/2 – 1.183

–  Robert Ottesen    2/2 – 1.180
Rory Saint           2/2 – 1.156
Les Barber           2/2 – 1.153
James Munroe     2/2 – 1.147
Paul Phillips        2/2 – 1.140
Johnathan Ward   2/2 – 1.018
David Bullard      1/2 –   .695
Josh Wall             1/2 –   .652
Richard Holmberg       0/2
Paul Holmberg            0/2
Jack Gold                     0/2
Darren Harris               0/2
Steve Turner                0/2
Dean Buchanan            0/2
Gary Rich                     0/2
John Dell                      0/2 
Frank Dis                     0/2
David Champness        0/2
Chris Horne                  0/2