Wivenhoe Results 19-07

A warmer than expected morning greeted the 58 anglers that came in hope of tangling with some of the monsters of “Big Dub”. A few reports of good fish caught the day before circulated in the pre dawn and while the weather and wind were lovely and mild throughout the day, unfortunately it ended up being another tough day and only 13 fish were weighed in in the end.

In fifth place was Dan Molloy with 1 fish for 1.230kg who followed a tip from another angler to fool his fish on an Evergreen Little Max.

In fourth was Brian Rutledge who fished the comp in his Hobie Mirage Kayak and scored 2 fish for 1.685kg.

In third was Simon Barkhausen who fished the same point that scored well in the first electric, fished a Bluegill TN60 in 20ft of water for the first fish and scored his second fish in the same spot with a plastic, to finish with 2 for 2.125kg.

Just nudging out Simon by the smallest of margins was Shane Anderson in second place, who also fished the deeper water a little wider off a point with a TN60 to score 2 for 2.155kg.

But the day belonged to one man, Jason Lowe, who unleashed a blitzkrieg catching his first tournament limit using a Daiwa Alphas F loaded with 10lb Fins and a 10lb Vanish leader on an Angler Stealth DCX 783 rod. A gold/black back TN60 fished close to the edge around scattered lily pads scored his first fish at around 9am. At that point he could have called it a day, as the whopping spud weighed in at 2.835kg and would have still bested the competition by 700grams. Not content, he pulled his “small” fish of 1.865kg at 10am to amass a total of 4.700kg and sweep 1st place and Big Bass comprehensively.

Place Angler Fish Weight
1 Jason
2       4.700kg BB 2.835kg
2 Shane Anderson  2      2.155kg
3 Simon Barkhuizen   2      2.125kg
4 Brian Rutledge  2      1.685kg
5 Daniel
1      1.230kg
6 Ian
1      1.020kg
7 David
1      1.000kg
8 Glen
1      0.715kg
9 Patrick Conduit   1      0.640kg
10 Howard Althus    
10 Rex Mildrew    
10 Andrew Murphy    
10 Jack Gold    
10 Jonathan Box    
10 Shaun Falkenhagen    
10 David Bullard    
10 Kerry Ehrlich    
10 James Lietzow    
10 Rory Saint    
10 Kane Artis    
10 Mark Norman    
10 John Adams    
10 Joy Urquhart    
10 Joseph Urquhart    
10 Brett Kleinschmidt    
10 Tom Reynolds    
10 Tim Wood    
10 Chris Wallace    
10 Charles West    
10 Glyn Barkhuizen    
10 Mike Connelly    
10 Luke Quarrell    
10 Dean Wilson    
10 Barry Oxford    
10 Joe Allan    
10 Roy Souter    
10 Jacinda Schloss    
10 Bill Schloss    
10 Bruce Moss    
10 Lincoln Crawley    
10 Karl Rembacher    
10 David Trinder    
10 Peter Morgan    
10 Jesper Noiesen    
10 Hans Jensen    
10 Steve Jensen JR.    
10 Adrian Wilson    
10 Frank Distefano    
10 Dale Ianna    
10 Jonathan Ward    
10 Gary Middlebrook    
10 Derek Mays    
10 Matt Johnson    
10 Evan Johnson    
10 Paul Rowbotham    
10 Peter McConnell    
10 Ken Jackson    
10 Darryl Luscombe