Tabs Grand Electric Final

The Tabs Grand Electric final, Australia’s first cash pay out electric is on this weekend. Congratulations to all the invited participants. The anglers were selected from the Torqueedo and Atomic rounds that were held earlier this year. The final event has over $5000 of cash and prises paying down to 10th place. Kirkleigh is the theatre, bass are the target. Briefing is from 0600, Sunday the 31st. All passports have been sent and are required for processing to compete. Torqueedo will be unveiling there new Cruise 4 on a Tabs E.O. Side console. Where they will attempt to create history and be the fastest electric boat in Australia. The largest overall bass for the series will win a 2hp Torqueedo. Click thru for a list of competitors.

Anthony Bull
Maik Lanfermann
Ian Galloway
Garry Rayner
Joseph Urquhart
Cody Rayner
Rory Saint
Bob Hadley
Kane Artis
Rick Gough
Glenn White
Ben Darmody
Mark Petersen
Howard Althaus
Ricky Simmons
Justin Davy
Daniel Bull
Richard Cooke
Chris Wallace
John Ski
Tim Wood
Jamie Bradshaw
Rod Shorten
Aaron Smith
Roy Souter
Craig Floyd
Jonathan Box
Ian Moss
Chris Osley
Scott Sutherland
Adrian Wilson
Dale Mullins
Mike Weger
Chris Horne
Jason Lowe
Shaun Falkenhagen
Rex Mildren
Tony Thorley
Dru Absalom
Peter Whitesides
Kerry Ehrlich
Jason Whitesides
Matt Johnson
Matthew Osley
David West
Jesper Noiesen
Dave Hislop
Frenk Distefano
Jake Schwerin
Hans Jensen
Simon Barichuizen
Ken Fitzgibbon
Glyn Barichuizen
Michael Watson
Tom Reynolds
James Lietzow
Steve Kanowski
Jay Absalom
Jami Kanowski
Charles West
Corey Kerr
John Schwerin
Derek Mays
Karl Rembacher
Gary Middlebrook
Jayden Rembacher
Ken Murray
William Petersen
Ross Murray
Brett Kleinschmidt
Ian Jackson
Paul Rowbotham
Grayson Fong
Peter McConnell
Kevin Jackson
Tristan Taylor