Isis BASS Electric Results May 17

28 anglers fished the early 6am start and plenty of fish were caught, with last years stocking all still undersize but very willing to take all presentations thrown to them (looks good for the future).  The local boys fared well filling the top 5, in third Rob Hinton used the early start to his advantage scoring fish on surface, but dropped his first three fish, on inspection Rob realised that the trebles have a better hook up rate if you remove the protective tubing (more surprisingly his willingness to share this pearl of wisdom with the crowd at the weigh in).  In second Shane Anderson used a 3/8oz Evergreen blade presented on light gear on the weed edges to secure his bag.  Event organiser and champion angler Tim Steenhuis used an ayu Jackall and 1/4oz Evergreen blade to secure 1st place with the big bass falling to the blade.  A big thank you to the Bundaberg Sports Fishing Club for their assistance with weighing and tagging and of course stocking.

Tim Steenhuis 2 fish 2.43 big bass 1.37
Shane Anderson 2 fish 2.17
Rob Hinton 2 fish 2.05
Chris Horne 2 fish 2.00
Steve Bechley 2 fish 1.81
David Bullard 2 fish 1.65
Paul Mckay 2 fish 1.53
Stuart Adcock 2 fish 1.35
Trevor Burgess 2 fish 1.26
Paul Holmberg 1 fish 1.10
Will Schloss 1 fish 1.03
Terry Allwood 1 fish .81
Jacinta Schloss 1 fish .67
Bill Schloss 1 fish .62
Brandon Gough 1 fish .61