Lostock Electric Results May 17

A fine still morning greeted the 22 competitors for the 2nd Bass Electric at Lostock Dam. This followed a few days of very strong gusty westerly winds. As usual Lostock was reluctant to give up its Bass with only 4 legal fish brought back to the scales. Maurie Shanahan from Wilton placed third with a .79kg caught from the edge on a Black Diawa crankbait. Neil [squirrel] Scott was reluctant to divulge how he caught his second place winning fish of .81kg, but I believe a 1/4 ounce jighead with a bluecrawdad Slider fished to the edge was responsible.

Dave [Kiwi] Trinder was once again victorious with a thumping 4.13kg bag which included the Big Bass of 2.31kg. Dave used a Diawa Tierra 2500 spooled with 10lb Seabass braid on a Loomis Bronzeback SMR750 S-SP rod to fish an Evergreen Little Max blade in noike gill colour to the edge of a weedbed. He upgraded once to achieve his 4.13 kg bag Dave would like to thank Jim Hickson from Manning River Marine for his support and ABT. Dave’s catch showed the potential of the often maligned Lostock and no doubt had a few of the unsuccessful competitors vowing to return.