Hunter Native Fish to satisfy hungry anglers at St Clair BASS PRO

NSW Bassin Tournaments in conjuction with Hunter Native Fish Stocking Group will provide a free BBQ and drinks during the lunch break on the Saturday at Lake St Clair for all competitors and ABT staff. Listening to the rumbling stomachs of anglers, the group will set up down near the waters edge so anglers don’t have to travel too far for their lunch. Please participate in the raffle which will be drawn prior to the presentation on Sunday. A generous offer indeed. For more information on Hunter Native Fish click read more.

Hunter Native Fish was formed in 1981 and was originally known as Bass
Newcastle.They are a branch of Native Fish Australia and their core
objective is the conservation of Australian Bass.

Hunter Native started holding
Basscatch events in Dec 1989 to gather important data for fisheries
relating to catch rates and the size and health of the Bass in the Williams

Hunter Native have caught and released 12,180 bass and returned 1837 catch cards
and fished for 8782 angler hours.We are involved in the Tide to Table
program with NSW DPI which has included projects to restore riparian
vegetation and saltmarsh areas on Kooragang Island , install rock fillets
on the Wallamba river to re-establish mangrove areas and saltmarsh.

Hunter Native
have been involved in stocking Lostock dam with almost 10,000 bass over
the past 2 years and this year have applied to stock Glenbawn , StClair
and Lostock with help from NSW Bassin and ABT.

This year they have worked
in conjuntion with the Council of Freshwater anglers to lobby Hunter
water to provide first class recreational facilities and ongoing
stocking and access to the proposed Tillegra dam.

Hunter Native hope that in the
future this will become as well known as Glenbawn and St Clair for Big
Bass. A well managed stocked impoundment fishery takes pressure of the
wild fishstocks.