Torqueedo Grand Electric – Rd 1 Maroon

44 Electric competitors raced to Maroon early Sunday morning with high hopes of taking home the major prize of one of the fastest electric motors in Australia. The air was crisp and clean, the only noise the occasional slap of water as the electrics moved to the start. A light breeze whipped across the water. 7.00am came around & the light breeze turned to 25 knots wind gusts, Jackalls became missiles capable of incredible casts. Unfortunately bites were hard to detect and position hard to hold, all competitors found it tough with the bass holding tight to cover.

10 competitors were up to the task with 13 fish caught & from all reports the fish that were caught fought hard in the cooler water. 1st place (2 fish for 1.14 kg) went to Mark Petersen from Forest Lake, suspending hard bodies his weapon of choice, these lures used correctly allowed Mark to keep the lure in the strike zone longer. Mark was ecstatic with his new 6hp Torquedo, where to mount it on his concourse condition Quinny his only problem. Ian Galloway once again stamped his authority narrowly missing out on the $4000 first prize by just 105 grams, instead 2nd gives him a years supply of Atomic Ripperz. These should make nice mouth jewellery for xos specimen Wivenhoe bass. A kings ransom of Atomic guzzlers and Hardz went to Joseph Urquhart who was ecstatic with his success on the day. He approached the microphone with the same confidence he applied to his fishing, watch out for this young fella at Wivenhoe.

Thanks goes to A.B.T for all the equipment and to all the helpers on the day, it allowed the day to flow quickly and faultlessly. Also special thanks for everyone that hung back for the winners and the sponsors I’d like to thank you all personally for that considering the hard days fishing and the atrocious conditions on the day. See you all at big bass central Lake Wivenhoe on the 17th of May for the Atomic Grand electric round 2. Up for grabs a brand new Tabs Tough Tinnie.

1 Mark Petersen 2 fish 1.14kg 6hp Torqueedo cruise 2
2 Ian Galloway 2 fish 1.035kg $300 Atomic pack
3 Joseph Urquhart 2 fish .9 kg $250 Atomic pack
4 Chris Wallace 1 fish (Big Bass) .780kg $200 Atomic pack
5 Daniel Bull 1 fish .650kg $150 Atomic pack
6 Rory Saint 1 fish .630kg $100 Atomic pack
7 Glenn White 1 fish .610kg $80 Atomic pack
8 Ricky Simmons 1 fish .595kg $70 Atomic pack
9 Anthony bull 1 fish .565kg $60 Atomic pack
10 Adrian Wilson 1 fish .540kg $50 Atomic pack