Danjeera Electric Results 5 April

We had 21 anglers fish Danjera in the best fishing conditions you could ask for with a lot of fish caught being caught just below the 300mm mark. But the guys who have worked out the bite returned with some quality bass, Glenn Hayter with his vast experience at Danjeras temperamental fishing returned two prime Danjera bass for a bag limit of 2.185 kg.

Not far behind Glenn was David Mann another regular at Danjera with a bag limit of 1.789 kg, they both agreed that the smaller fish at times were a nuisance but with the knowledge they have picked up over the past Danjera comps they were able to extract the bigger bass that they know are in residence. Robert Halley only came back with one fish for his limit of two but it was a cracker of a fish which pulled the scales down 1.525 kg to take out biggest bass and third place.

Owing to the size of Danjera a lot of the anglers are starting to realize that prefishing the waterway tends to put the fish of the bite so a lot of the guys kept the prefish to a minimum which worked to their advantage


Place Angler Fish Weight
1 Glen Hayter 2 2.185
2 David Mann 2 1.789
3 Robert Halley 1 1.525
4 Ron Croker 1 1.165
5 Joe Pietraszkiewicz 1 0.942
6 Michael Skinner 1 0.934
7 Ray Ellis 1 0.788