Toonumbar Bass Electrics Results 28th -29th March

Changing conditions would best describe the weather that
greeted the 56 competitors that entered the Toonumbar 2009 Bass Electric.
Toonumbar because of it’s isolation is run as 2 seperate comps, Saturday
afternoon and Sunday morning, a format that sits well with the competitors.

has had more than it’s fair share of rain over the past couple of seasons, and
fears that many of it’s larger fish had escaped over the spillway seemed
warranted when many anglers reported capturing plenty of undersized fish during
the Saturday afternoon session.

Saturday afternoon first place went to local Wollongbar
angler and past Toonumbar Bass elec organiser Danny Robinson, Danny showed that
it is hard to compete with local knowledge beating the field of contenders with
his 2/ 1.135 limit. Danny used his Megabass Su-Griffon rod and Steez 2508 reel
to cast weedless rigged Atomic fat grubs to the very weeded lake margins, Danny
explained that the take would them come as he worked the grub off the weed bed
into the deeper water. Danny also had success using lipless crank baits, he
used his Megabass Hedgehog rod and Steez baitcast reel to slow roll an Ecogear
VT 65 deep on the old creek beds.

The 975
gram big Bass went to Joe Allan from the Richmond area, Joe used his custom
Samuria 006 rod and Daiwa Fuego reel to slow roll a Bassman TW 1/2oz
spinnerbait about half way up the dam.

A very
early start on Sunday morning was greeted by all the anglers in what have had
to be  almost perfect conditions for a
surface bite, the day dawned overcast and humid, with the odd rain shower but
not a breath of wind. Toonumbar showed why it is rated up there with the best
when it comes to a surface bite with a large percentage of the catch coming
from this heart stopping method.

In a
reversal of previous years, Toonumbar’s larger fish saved themselves for Sunday
morning, Draftsman Brett Klienschmidt from Ipswich used his Penn pinpoint rod
and Shimano Calcutta 100 reel to haul in his 2/ 1.845 winning limit. Brett
fished a small black Jitterbug halfway up the dam, he targeted the lilly pads,
Brett said the strike would come as the lure approached the drop off into
deeper water. Brett also took the honors of the big bass with a 1.090kg fish.
to Jesper Noiesen for stepping in to help with the sign on, as work commitments
had me running a little late, and to all the competitors for their patience, as
this was my first event as a Bass electric organiser, I was learning on the
job. Cheers Paul. 

Saturday Afternoon Session Results
1st-Danny Robinson 2/1.135 (prize pack)
2nd-Scott Lane 2/1.085       
(prize pack)
3rd-Johnathan Ward 2/1.055 (prize pack)
4th-Steve Maclean 2/1.035 (prize pack)
5th-Joe Allan 1/.975 (Big Bass) (prize Packs)
6th-Jason Sheehan 1/.935
7th-Brett Klienschmidt 1/.880
8th-Jay Gillespie 1/ .865
9th- Paul Gray 2/ .715
10th-Aaron Davey 1/.660
11th-Jack Gold 1/.520
12th-Dave Bullard 1/.510
13th-Tony moore 1/.495
14th-Ron Milligan 1/.490
15th-Allan Price 1/.485
16th-Dean Wilson 1/.465
17th-Joel Quinlay 1/.465
18th-Daniel Molley 1/.460
19th-Rick Gough 1/.455
20th-Ken Fitzgibbon 1/.450
21st-Joseph Urquhart 1/.440
22nd-Ian Moss 1/.390

Sunday Morning Session Results 
1st-Brett Klienschmidt 2/1.845 (big Bass 1.090kg)
2nd-Daniel Bull 2/1.700
3rd-Johnathan Ward 2/1.610
4th-Brenton Smtih 2/1.430
5th-Danny Robinson 2/1.420
6th-Adrian Melchior 2/1.250
7th-Paul Gillespie 2/1.245
8th-Jay Gillespie 2/1.135
9th-Dave Bullard 2/1.105
10th-Dale Ianna 2/.985
11th-Allan Price 2/.890
12th-Matt Johnson 1/.585
13th-Joe Allan 1/.560
14th-Paul Gray 1/.550
15th-Jesper Noiesen 1/.515
16th-Dean Wilson 1/.495
17th-Scott Lane 1/.470
18th-Tom Reynolds 1/.435
19th-Joeseph Urquhart 1/.410