All-new VariMAX – all the speed you want and all the time you need

If you
want the freedom to fish all day, with unmatched control of your boat, you
can’t go past MotorGuide’s all-new VariMAX electric trolling motor.

to have the longest run time of any motor in its class, the VariMAX also offers
the advantage of precise variable speed adjustment – so you’ll never have to
settle for a little too fast or a bit too

from May 2009, VariMAX motors feature MotorGuide’s proven digital
variable-speed technology – designed to provide three times more battery power
from a single charge than other five-speed motors in its class – meaning you
get more fishing hours every time you hit the water.

“This is
certainly one trolling motor that provides precision speed selection to best
suit your fishing conditions while the increased battery life ensures you won’t
be left stranded,” said Paul McLean, Mercury Marine’s Aftermarket and
Accessories Director.

anglers will be quick to recognise upgrades that are not only aesthetic but add
functionality too.”

BluVis function gauge gives maximum visibility and control by showing
direction, speed setting and the remaining battery power.

has also redefined transom mounts with its Taper-Lock which eliminates slack
via a tapered pin that ensures solid engagement year after year. A one-touch
rapid-slide depth adjustment collar and “no pinch” tilt mechanism add the final
touches on the VariMAX’s functionality.
maximum control, value and profit, as well as the digital guts to get the job
done day in and day out, the VariMAX is available in models ranging from 18.2 –
31.8kg thrust.

longer, at exactly the speed you want, without making a sound and with the
extreme durability of digital.

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