Griffin BASS Electric Rig

Griffin BASS Electric Rig
By Ian Galloway

With the ever growing popularity of the ABT
Bass Electrics, most Bass Electric rounds see attendance of 70 or more anglers.
I felt the need to upgrade my old Edge Trekker to remain competitive while
having a boat that ideally suits the conditions of competition. With this in
mind I chose a 4.2m hull and designed a bass electric boat
ideally suited to fishing 2 people in Bass Electric Rounds.

The boat has 2 Plumbed Live Wells keeping
each anglers catches separate, Extended Front and Rear Casting Decks and
combined with a wider stream line hull there is plenty of room for both anglers
to fish. Reinforced platforms support 6 Deep Cycle Batteries at the back of the
boat and 4 in the front.  This is
important to me as the  boat is powered
by a Griffin 5 hp Electric Outboard which I
imported from Canada.

The speed and direction is controlled from the front of the boat utilizing
Griffin Standard Forward Controls.  Steering
is performed from the front using a Minn Kota 80 Auto Pilot, this provides accurate
steering in tight spots. The Auto Pilot is easily engaged for long runs on dams
like Wivenhoe and Hinze.  The Griffin 5HP and the Minn
Kota 80 motors combined support a cruising speed of 7klms per hour, a maximum
speed of around 10 klms per hour with a range of around 15 klm depending on
wind speeds on the day

The Griffin Electric 5 HP Motor has attracted
a lot of attention on the electric only dams over the past twelve months due to
the similar motor cowling to petrol motors, bass anglers have been very vocal
(irate, abusive) about  presumed use of a
outboard motor on the tranquillity of the electric only dams, while it is great
to see that anglers are supportive of the rules perhaps they should ask
questions before accusing. 

So with this
in mind if you see a bright orange boat with a black Griffin Electric Outboard
on the back  on the electric only dams
please ask me some questions not abuse as I am only to happy to show the Griffin
Electric Motor and talk about bass fishing. Click here for link to pictures