St Clair BASS Electric Results 16 Feb

With strong South West winds & 100mm of rain falling in the 24 hours prior to the event start, it wasn’t looking good for the Lake St Clair Bass Electric. 13 keen anglers were patient as the session start was moved back 1.5 hours & the arena reduced to the Carrowbrook arm & 8 Knot area behind the camp for safety reasons.

In the wash up, only 13 legal bass were weighed in miserable conditions. Phillip Merrick took the honours with 2/2 for 1.59Kg taken on TT Switch Blades & Jackalls in a timbered creek bed.
Second place was Bass Electric regular Dave “Kiwi” Trinder with 2/2 for 1.57Kg, Dave fished open banks with Jackalls.

Third place & Big Bass winner was Tony Catton with his only fish taken on a black jointed Jitterbug weighing a healthy 1.45Kg. Tony wished to thank his sponsor So Lo Prices for their support.

Better Weather and a larger field of anglers, is anticipated for the next Bass Electric on Lake St Clair on August 9.

Justin Scott

Place Name Total Fish Total Weight
1 Phillip Merrick 2/2 1.59
2 David Trinder 2/2 1.52
3 Tony Catton 1/2 1.45 Big Bass
4 Ron Scott 2/2 1.41
5 Craig Shiels 2/2 1.37
6 Michael Skinner 2/2 1.35
7 Scott Hinkley 2/2 1.30
8 Brian Rutledge 2/2 .91
9 Dixwah Lowe
10 Grant Boyle
11 Neil Scott
12 David Mudd
13 Stuart Fowler