Holznagel Snaggles McDonald BASS Electric

BUDERIM plasterer Ashley Holznagel smashed the competition at the Lake Macdonald BASS Electric event with a sensational two fish limit of 4.25kg that included the big bass of 2.4kg from Macdonald’s usually frugal waters.

Following Ashley into the BASS Electric Convention later this year were John Bain (1/2, 1.11kg), Matt Flett (1/2, 1.06kg), David Bullard (1/2, 1.02kg) and Graham Dodds (1/2, 0.97kg).

While only nine fish were presented to Davo’s Tackle’s Mark Pertot, who was the weighmaster and tournament organiser, it was the stand out quality of Ashley’s fish that blew the other competitors and the large group of onlookers away. With a 2.4kg bass that just missed out on a new BASS Electric record for the Biggest Bass Weighed at an event, Ashley’s bass anchored his 4.25kg limit that is now a new BASS Electric record for the Biggest Bag Weighed at an event.

Fishing from a 3.4m Quintrex Dory right up in Borer Creek, Ashley used a jighead rigged Garry Glitter Squidgy Fish right in amongst the heavy weed to extract his fish. Casting to weed edges and clumps, Ashley allowed the lure to sink to the bottom before starting a slow wind back punctuated with lifts of the rod.

“It’s awesome!” beamed Ashley at the presentation. “I knew I had a couple of good fish, but this is something else to win.”

Using a SureCatch rod fitted with a Shimano Sedonna threadline reel spooled with 10lb Daiwa monofilament, Ashley didn’t bother with a leader and attached his rig via a sinker clip to allow for quick changes of tackle in the heavy weed. Forgoing the usual safety of braided line, Ashley’s decision paid big dividends, however there were some hairy moments in the weed-choked arm of Lake Macdonald.

“The big fish almost had me in the weed a couple of times and I did wonder if straight mono was the best choice,” Ashley said. But his choice was vindicated as the big bass came aboard and secured the win.

“I’m looking forward to testing out the new Pacific Composites Stealth rod and the mass of prizes I won, especially the soft plastics,” concluded Ashley.

With one round of the BASS Electric Series to go before the Convention, anglers will be gearing up to hit Hinze Dam and its fish in the next few weeks. For more information on the BASS Series of events, call Simon Goldsmith on (07) 3268 3992 or 0427 326 464. – ABT

Place Angler Fish Weight
1 Ashley Holznagel 2/2 4.25 kg
2 John Bain 1/2 1.11 kg
3 Matt Flett 1/2 1.06 kg
4 David Bullard 1/2 1.02 kg
5 Graham Dodds 1/2 0.97 kg
6 George Roker 1/2 0.90 kg
7 Bob Johnson 1/2 0.58 kg
8 Nicole Jovanovic 1/2 0.45 kg