Berkley Hollowbelly- 3" version launched

The Berkley Hollowbelly baits in 4 inch and
6 inch sizes have certainly created interest in the tropical impoundment
fisheries. Big barra are falling to them as are more southern species like
jewfish, kingfish, trevally, salmon and tailor.

Now, a little 3 inch version is here and
for the estuary angler intent on bream, flathead, jacks, trevally and even the
freshwater species, bass and trout, this new bait will be real winner and
should be in every soft plastic arsenal.

The unique hollow construction gives more
action with less twitch, hook-ups are better as the bait collapses on the
strike and the rigging options are increased.

The photo attached shows two rigging
options, one with a conventional lead jighead leading the bait, which is ideal
for most situations.

The alternative is to rig with a hidden
weight or torpedo jig. The hollow body allows easy insertion of the torpedo jig
and even looks like a backbone in a clear baitfish profile. Awesome!

The life-like 3D eye, clear-coated and hand
painted scale finish and Powerbait scent all add to this remarkable little

Six lifelike colours are available in
stores now. RRP should be around the $10.00 per pack.