St Clair BASS Electric Results

Good fishing was had by all, there where some very good fish caught, with the Big bass going to David Mudd 1.88kg.

With the forecast of cold and windy weather those that came saw lake St Clair fish at it best for a long time due to an increase in water levels. David (kiwi) Trinder used a very different approach to compile his bag of 2 fish for 3.06kg. Trinder used a Marzz timber jack hard body lure for those bass cruising the shallow weed edges. With a full bag and the wind getting up he then decided to move out to target the school fish. His approach was a little unconventional using a bassday popper weighted with a running bullet sinker. Trinder would jig the popper in their face to entice a strike.

Second place went to ABT regular David Mudd. Muddy use a smoke yellow core slider rigged on a ¼ oz jig head. His approach was more simple, Muddy would cast his slider to the edges and slowly roll them back to the boat. Most strikes would come in the first 2-3 meters off the retrieve. Muddy also claimed the prize for the big bass with a fish that weight 1.88kg. You could here him all over the dam when it came to the boat (well done Muddy).

1st David Trinder 2/ 3.06kg

2nd David Mudd 2/ 2.89kg

3rd Wayne Beazley 2/ 2.34kg

4th Jason Simpson 2/ 2.26kg

5th Mark Gogarty 2/1.89kg

6th Russ Foster 2/ 1.86kg

7th Brent Lawence 2/ 1.51kg

8th Craig Shiels 2/ 1.32kg

9th Trent Hall 2/ 1.11kg

10 Kallin Cameron 1/0.82kg