Cressbrook BASS Electric- July 6

Barry Oxford claims another BASS Electric win and once again shows he’s the man when it comes to bassin’ Lake Cressbrook.

Fishing soft plastics in natural colours, Oxford slow
rolled his offering through scattered schools, focusing on small drop offs and breaklines to fill his bag.

The Big Bass prized for the event was claimed by Trevor Stead who scored his prize winning fish casting a brown dog coloured Jackall TN50 to the thick weed edges.

In total 40 anglers made their way to Cressbrook for the 16th round of the series, catching 17 bass for their six hours of angling.

The next round of the MotorGuide BASS Electric Series sees the tour travel to the home of XOS bass, Lake Wivenhoe, 20th July.

1st Barry Oxford 2fish 1.600kg
2nd Roy Souter 2fish 1.100kg
3rd Trever
Stead 1fish BigBass 1.065
4th Mick Henere 1fish .940kg
5th Stuart Fraser
2fish .915kg
6th Nicky Scholl 1fish .855kg
7th Jake Scherwin 1fish
8th Justin Fraser 1fish .625kg
9th Jesper Noisen 1fish
10th Dave Newten 1fish .585kg
11th Tom Renolds 1fish .550kg
Jamie Williams 1fish .520kg
13th Tony Thorly 1fish .435kg
14th Brad Clark
1fish .390kg