Lenthalls BASS Electric Results & Story

the sun rose on a rather blustery Sunday only 11 anglers managed to drag
themselves from places more pleasant. The buzz prior to the start was at least
it was going to be easy to get a place in the top five and qualify for the BASS Electric Convention.

This, as the weigh in proved was not to be
the case, with only two anglers managing to raise a scale. Rob Hinton of
Bundaberg cleaned up with a bag weighing 2.5 kgs and claiming big bass with a
chubby bass weighing 1.72Kg. The big bass fell to a purple Bassman spinnerbait, while his second keep was tempted by a black and gold coloured Jackall TN60. Both fish were caught in less than 3 feet deep.

The only other angler to weigh in was Tim Steenhuis also
of Bundaberg, with a bass of 1.4 kg that was tempted with a black and gold Megabass Vibration X lipless crankbait caught again in very shallow water.

Place Angler Fish Weight (kg) Big Bass
1 Rob Hinton 2 2.5 1.720
2 Tim Steenhuis 1 1.4