The Race to the 2008 BASS AOY

Following his impressive runners up performance at the Gamakatsu Lake Borumba event, Adrian Melchior, a 37 year old salesman from Ballina Marineland leads the race in the 2008 BASS AOY contest.

Just past the half way mark in the BASS calendar and Adrian has secured 285 points from a possible 300, with an 11th at St.Clair, 5th at Somerset and now 2nd at Borumba, 21 points clear of his next rival.

In just his second year as a boater, Adrian’s head down, tail up attitude has served him well.

“The winter shut down bite has assisted me because I have been honing my skills on my local dams in similar tough conditions,” he said.

With two events remaining in the season at Monduran and Glenbawn, basser’s must remember that the AOY uses your best 3 finishes from a possible 5. Five other anglers are hot on Melchior’s heels with two top 10 finishes to their name this season including Tim Morgan, Steve Eldred, Steve Otto, Baden Sparrow and Carl Jocumsen.

“I can’t fish Monduran because of a Boat Show,” said Adrian. “So, I am pushing for another Top 10 finish at the Glenbawn Major this year,” he concluded.
The past two years have seen Steve ‘Killer’ Kanowski and Carl Jocumsen amass 294/300 points to secure the AOY Title. And the prize?

Well, of course it’s the extra large AOY trophy, free entry to the 2009 BASS calendar, and the no.1 starting position in the 2008 Grand Final and all of next season. Well worth the effort.
Remember that AOY standings are also used to qualify for the St.Clair Grand Final so there is still time to improve your situation.

Check out all the BASS AOY Standings on the link below.

2008 BASS PRO AOY Table