Isis BASS Electric Results

ON A sensational, calm winter’s day 19 anglers took part in the inaugural BASS Electric event on Lake Gregory (Isis balancing Storage) near Bundaberg.

With a relatively warm start to the morning it didn’t take winner Dave Hine long to locate the school of bass that would provide him with the winning weight of 3.22kg for two fish and a 1.72kg bass that took out the Home Hardware Big Bass award for the event.

Following Dave into the Electric Convention were Salty’s Tackle’s Tim Mulhall (2/2, 2.98kg), David Bullard (2/2 2.60kg), Brett Jones (2/2, 2.40kg) and Andrew Fogarty (2/2, 2.2kg).

To secure the win Dave used a combination of jigging techniques including Rahula ice jigs and Berkley drop shot minnows rigged on 1/8oz jigheads. He spent most of his time fishing the one school of bass alternating between offerings. Dave caught over 30 legal fish for the day and noted the larger fish in the school came on the bite as the moon rose around noon.

Dave used a 7ft Daiwa Procaster (a prize from a previous ABT Bass Pro event) with a Shimano Calcutta 100 loaded with 6lb Berkley Fireline with an 8lb Nitlon leader. Dave commented “This is one of the best small fisheries I have fished.
“I can’t remember having so much fun on so many good bass in a prefish or during a tournament,” he finished. As he accepted his prize pack, Dave heartily thanked the stocking group for their efforts.

Second place went to local gun Tim Mullhal, Tim’s technique varied dramatically from Dave’s as Tim moved around the dams fringes fishing the shallows with his favourite Lake Gregory plastic, a No. 3 Squidgy Fish in the Silver Fox colour. He rigged this on a 1/8oz Owner Jig head and slow rolled it through channels of weed in less than 15ft of water. We were lucky enough to see one of Tim’s upgrades that although was shorter in length than the one it replaced was considerably heavier. This shows the importance of weighing fish of similar size as this added at least 300g to Tim’s limit. Tim fished a Shimano Rack Raider with a Shimano Straddic 2500 loaded with 6lb Fireline and used 10lb Nitlon leader. Also in contrast Tim only landed six legal fish for the day.

There are three BASS Electric events remaining for anglers to qualify for the Electric Convention. Contact Simon Goldsmith on (07) 3269 3992 (b/h) or check the 2004 Tournament Anglers Guide for the location of the remaining events.

Place Angler   Fish Weight
1 David Hine 2 3.21
2 Tim Mulhall 2 2.98
3 David Bullard 2 2.6
4 Brett Jones 2 2.4
5 Andrew Fogarty 2 2.2
6 Troy Barsby 2 1.8
7 Pauline Head 2 1.5
8 Scott Bromly 2 1.5
9 Paul Holmberg 1 1.4
10 Damien Leather 2 1.32
11 Bill Schloss 2 1.28
12 Corey Head 2 1.22
13 Shane Head 1 1.12
14 Gary Leather 1 0.72
15 Mark Head 1 0.72
16 Elloit Fooks 1 0.62
17 Richard Holmberg 1 0.6
18 John Brennan    
19 Drew Cullen