Toonumbar BASS Electric Rounds- 5/6th April

One of the more popular stops on the MotorGuide BASS Electric tour played host to two rounds, 5/6th April. Read on and find out how the bite varying of the evening and morning sessions and who came out on top.

Round 1- Saturday Evening

The 1st session saw 20 anglers start in clearing sky’s and a warm afternoon
catch a total of 23 fish. Most of the action was happening in
the top half of the dam.

Paul Kneller topped the 1st session
with 2 fish for 1.8 kgs & Big Bass at .95kgs. Paul used a Smith BB Jesty
70mm jerk bait. Fishing over weed beds about 1m deep. He used
a custom Loomis C722 Baitcaster teamed with a Daiwa TD Zillion and 20lb Sunline PE braid, 10lb Sun Rock leader.
Gillespie came in 2nd with 2 fish for 1.7 kgs. Jay’s fish came around 5.30 pm
using a Big River Walker, and a Lucky Craft Sammy 65mm
top water bait.
Fishing weeds beds at the top of the dam. Jay used a Samuri 003 rod teamed with a
Penn Power spin reel and 6 lb braid and 6Lb

3rd place was filled by Adrian Melchoir with 2 fish for
1.65 kgs Adrian fished in 6ft of water onto weed beds using a Megabass
spinnerbait (wich he used with good results at Somerset Dam
last weekend) on a Megabass Destroyer rod & a Daiwa TD Steez baitcaster reel
15lb Unitika PE braid & 11lb Aiger

1st- Paul Kneller 2 fish 1.8kgs Big Bass
2nd- Jay Gillespie 2 fish 1.7kgs
3rd- Adrian Melchior 2 fish 1.65kgs
4th- Paul Gillespie 2
fish 1.63kgs
5th- Glen Casey 2 fish
6th- Brenton Smith 2 fish 1.4kgs
7th- Allan Price 2 fish 1.15kgs
8th- Peter Whitesides 2
fish .89kgs
9th- Steve Mclean 2 fish
10th- Glen Swanson 1 fish .85kgs
11th- Ken Fitzgibbon 1 fish .78kgs
12th- Brett Hyde 1
fish .75kgs
13th- Dave Bullard 2 fish

NSW DPI sent 2 of it’s field staff along to gather
information fish handling and survival from catch and release. Matt & Chris
held all the fish for
1hr and measured them checked the
condition of each fish then released all in top condition with no sign of
stress. Thanks to DPI

Round 2- Sunday Morning

Day 2 saw a rather cool 5.00am
16 anglers captured 10 legal fish.
The start was in
complete darkness. The fishing was much tougher, but Brenton Smith managed to
lead the
field with 2 fish for 1.65kgs and Big Bass at .84kgs.
Brenton was using a Jackal SK Pop Grande, fishing over weed beds 3/4’s up
the dam.
His weapon of choice was an Ian Miller Rrack raider rod and a
Daiwa 2000 Sol spin reel teamed with 6lb Sunline PE braid &16lb Sunline
Adrian Melchior came home 2nd with 1.49kgs. Adrian
fished the uper reaches of of the dam for his 2 fish using a Megabass Samatra
bait in Deadly black fished on a Custom Samuri S006 rod
& Daiwa TD Steez spin reel with Unitika 15lb braid, 11lb Aiger

1st- Brenton Smith 2 fish
2nd- Adrian Melchior 2 fish
3rd- Jason Whitesides 2 fish
4th- Allan Price 1 fish
5th- Paul Kneller 1 fish
6th- Brett Hyde 1 fish
7th- Steve Mclean 1 fish
I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Big River Lures for the lures they donated as prizes for the tournaments. Their addition to the prize pool was greatly appreciated.
Danny Robinson