TT Switchblade Product Release

The new 1/8th ounce “SWITCHBLADE” vibration lure from TT Lures is the latest weapon of choice for anglers who
simply want to catch more fish.

An extensive colour range has been developed and rigorously tested by many of the TT Lures tournament team
anglers. Tim “the bream” Morgan and Darren “dizzy” Borg are
just a few of the team members overwhelmed by the increased numbers of fish that they are catching with this
exciting new lure.

The edge that the Switchblade has when compared to similar lures is that it has three tow points which gives the lure
three very different actions. This enables the lure to be cast and retrieved shallow, slow rolled deep and vertically
jigged on deep structure.

Available in ten “must have” colours, rigged with Owner trebles and a quick change snap clip, this lure is ready to go,
straight out of the box!

TT Switchblades Info and Colour Sheet