NSW Bassin Tournaments

Here is the report on NSW Bassin Tournaments
first event at Lake St Clair
on the 22nd – 23rd September.

First event held at Lake St Clair was a mixed affair. Some fantastic fish were caught by some, including a 1.69 kg fish from Dean Windbank coming in session 1, then not to be beaten a 2.62 kg bruiser bass by Peter Phelps in session 3.

The fishing was pretty tough all weekend with 38 teams competing. The fish were pretty well shut down due to cool water and air temps. The top ten teams just stuck it out in the tough conditions pulling most of their fish on surface in the morning then switching to plastics later in the day.

It was great to see a good number of teams fishing a tournament for the first time and seeing a lot of father and son combination , even a husband and wife combo paired up for the weekend, although everytime we caught up with them on the water you could cut the air with a knife " Bass N Buddies " sure ??

Hope everyone had a good time , we certainly did.


Ist Place : Team Sooter

Peter Phelps & Ian Jackson

Session 1: Team Sooter fished surface poppers straight up .Targeting a 100metre stretch of bank on the eastern side of St Clair Island. They threw River2sea bubble pops 65’s in chartreuse and black in colour, casting up into the recently drowned vegetation they would work the poppers out with a series of pops, shakes and walk the dog retrieves. With the glassed out and overcast conditions they fished surface until 9.00am to their limit. The rest or the session was used to work out a pattern for the afternoon.

Session 2: Fishing the same stretch of bank was virtually impossible because of the strong winds pushed onto the bank in the second session. Phelps and Jackson found a stretch of bank on the western side of the island and slow rolled 3 inch Berkley Gulp Grubs in watermelon colour on ¼ ounce nitro heads out from the edges and over the old weed beds to catch a limit. With an hour to go they worked surface over the same ground and managed to up grade twice.

Session 3: Saw them fishing the eastern side throwing surface again until 8.00am and boating boat three keepers. Looking for that fourth fish the boys started rolling plastics off the edges but found it a lot tougher than the previous sessions. It was not until the boat was positioned further away from the bank they caught their fourth fish.

Second Place: Team Far- Canal

Greg & Chris's limitGregg Flett & Chris Byrne

Session 1: Saw the boys fish the closest bay to the left of the ramp throwing surface lures. A Heddon Tiny Torpedo and River to Sea 65 bubble pop. They realised the weekend before that the fish were right up in the backs of bays right along in slightly warmer water.They had two in the well after about an hour hten the sun was started they decided to give up on surface and switch to plastics which resulted in about eight fish for that session, using 3inch berkley gulp jigging grubs in watermelon and smoke on 1/6 and 1/16oz Nitro jigheads.

Session 2: Tea Far- Canal then headed same area as in session 1 and started working plastics with little results, then switched to a 1/2oz Secret creek spinner bait with double willow blades and green and white skirt, and after about an got their first fish, more good fish came from using the spinnerbaits upgrading a number of times.

Session 3: Gregg and Chris were confident going into the 3rd session only 450grams behind Team Sooter but things didn’t start well with no bites on surface , tried spinnerbaits again but nothing, then went to plastics and picked up one fish but it was all over. They would have to be happy with Second Place.

3rd Position : Team Lure Addicts

Good lookin blokes? Mark & DonMark McGregor & Don Hughes

Saw WSBB Lure Addicts through just about every lure they had in the box with spinnerbaits / jackals and plastics all producing fish . Mark & Don also mainly concentrated on the weedy banks and points and just toughing it out all weekend to finish in 3rd position.

Great work Guys

Top Ten Teams

  1. Sooters – Peter Phelps & Ian Jackson 12/12 $ 500.00 & Lamiglass Rod / Reel
  2. Far – Canal – Gregg Flett & Chris Byrne 9/12 $ 350.00 & Prize pack.
  3. Lure Addicts – Mark MGregor & Don Hughes 10/12 $150.00 & Prize pack.
  4. Loomis – Mick Pascoe & Joel Norman 10/12 Prize pack.
  5. Cracktest 2 – Dean Windbank & Matt Crisp 8/12 Prize pack.
  6. Pepperall – Ron & Ben Pepperall 11/12 Prize pack.
  7. Shrek – Peter Hancock & Ken Pepperall 9/12 Prize pack.
  8. Dubbo Bait & Tackle – Damien Howell & Hilton Smith 7/12 Prize pack
  9. Fisher 450 – Peter Sitarz & Travis Cambell 7/12 Prize pack.
  10. Sidelined. – Dave George & Peter Holt 7/12 Prize Pack

Top 5 Juniors

  1. Sean Jarvie – Rod / Reel Prize pack
  2. Ryan Jones- Rod / Reel Prize pack
  3. Daniel Clancy – Prize Pack
  4. Alex Fowler – Prize Pack
  5. Luke Parsons – Prize pack

Big Bass

Peter Phelps – 2.62kg

Biggest Bag

Team Sooter – Session 1 @ 5.190 kg

Smallest Bag

Team Young Guns – Session 1 @ 0 .390 kg

Encouragement award

Team TCT – No fish at all . Just felt sorry for them.