Wivenhoe BASS Electric Results- 23rd September

A fresh change and an un-settled barometer greeted fifty-four anglers fishing Lake Wivenhoe for the last round of the 2007 Bass Electric Series. Anglers used the event as a warm up and last chance to gain invitations to the Bass Electric Convention later in the year.

Winner of the event Roy Souter recieved a hot tip from the events second place getter as to the location of numbers of bass. Souter chose a Jackall Bros 17gm Mask Vibe to accumulate his fish, he counted down his bait before slow rolling it back to the boat.

Roy stayed active on his sounder using it as the key ingredient to targetting Bass that were moving around on the flats. At times his sounder ‘blacked out’ from the moving concerntration of fish.

Barry Oxford second, accounted his high placing to pre-fishing the lake and tracking down the movements and location of Wivenhoes mobile fish. Oxford found his bass near the buoy line close to the river bed on the Eastern side of the lake.

Fishing half ounce 3"Sliders (Baby Bass) on a count-down, Barry also slow rolled his presentation. By doing this and keeping the bait off the bottom he had little or no Catfish by-catch. ‘I was in 30 – 40 ft of water, most of the fish where streamlined on the sounder in 15 – 20 ft that’s where I tried to keep the bait." Barry explained during the presentation.

The youngest and only female angler in the field Jess Souter achieved a very respectable 3rd place. Jess fished with her dad during the tournament and wasn’t phased loading and landing the 2kg plus fish. Rounding of the top 5 of prize winners Charles West and Dan Mallory both fished the buoy line flats to accumulate their solid bags.

Thanks to all the anglers and special thanks to Matt Sharpe for helping run the event smoothly.

By Chris Galligan

Angler Bass Weight B/B
Roy Souter 2/2 5.025 BB 2.56
Barry Oxford 2/2 4.85 BB 2.56
Jess Souter 2/2 4.7
Charles West 2/2 4.6
Dan Mallory 2/2 4
David West 2/2 3.9
Tristan Taylor 2/2 3.3
Chris Cleaver 2/2 3.05
David Simmons 2/2 2.8
Scott Anderson 1/2 2.5
Mark Petersen 1/2 2.35
David Ingram 1/2 2.3
Jesper Noisen 1/2 2.125
Steve McLean 1/2 0.875