Noiesen Nails Tough Toonumbar

After a roll-over and significant recent fish kill on Toonumbar Dam, anglers in the BASS Electric event were unsure if the event would result in a result at all, but 32 year old Brisbane printer, Jesper Noiesen, took his first BASS Electric win and a place at the BASS Electric with a 1.25kg limit – the largest of seven limits landed on the day.

Jesper’s fish came at each end of the session, but they were enough to keep local angler Adrian Melchior at bay (2/2, 1.14kg), while Trevor Elliot (2/2, 1.05kg), Mike Creighton (2/2, 1.20kg) and Jamie Bradshaw (2/2, 0.96kg) filled out the Convention qualifier spots.
Noiesen’s first bass came just minutes into the session and within sight of the start when his River2Sea BubblePop65 disappeared in a splashing swirl near bankside foliage. His second ate a brown Slider grub rigged on a 1/4oz jighead cast parallel to the bank and slow rolled in around 15′ of water.
And as these were the only two bass he caught, it proved yet again that you’re only ever a cast away from glory at a BASS event!
Jesper’s tackle consisted of a Wilson Live Fibre 6’6″ spin rod coupled with a Daiwa Caprice 1500 reel that was loaded with 6lb Fireline and a 6lb Vanish leader.
“After a couple of 7th placings it’s a real relief to make it into the BASS Electric Convention this year,” Jesper said.
Jesper’s limit was anchored with the big bass of the event – a 730g fish that augmented his prize pack nicely.
Event organiser, Danny Robinson, was pleased that the dam yielded bass – even if not in the numbers that we’ve come to expect from this picturesque impoundment.
“The funds we’ve raised this weekend, though, will help get the bass populations back to where we want them even sooner,” he said.


1 Jesper Noiesen 2 1.25 EvaKool + Pack
(U) Steve Morgan 2 1.25
2 Adrian Melchior 2 1.14 Pack + Angler Rod
3 Trevor Elliot 2 1.05 Pack
4 Mike Creighton 2 1.02 Pack
5 Jamie Bradshaw 2 0.96 Pack
6 Rod Shorten 2 0.85 Pack
7 John Bryant 2 0.82 Pack
8 Plinio Taurian 1 0.7 Pack
9 Hans Jensen 1 0.64 Pack
10 John Ski 1 0.46 Pack

Big Bass – Jesper Noiesen, 0.73kg.