Kronk Kills them at Cressbrook

On a day that saw anglers battle increasingly inclement weather and undersize fish, Withcott resident and local carpenter Zach Kronk (2/2, 2.89kg) demolished one of the largest BASS Electric fields gathered to snatch victory, and secure his first ABT event win.

Compiling the only bag to smash the two-kilo mark, Kronk easily relegated 40year old Toowoomba resident Kerry Ehrlich (2/2, 1.59kg) to second place, on his path to victory.

In vast contrast to the majority of the field Kronk fished the upper reaches of the dam, making the long run to the Cressbrook Creek reach of the impoundment, and the well know Eagles Nest area. A decision many anglers choose not to make with increasing winds predicted for later in the day.

The decision paid dividends for Kronk, finding not only the best stands of weed in the dam but also the greatest concentration of fish. Targeting the weed beds on the more gentle sloping points his technique of choice and success involved him casting jighead rigged softplastics down the face of the weedline, and working them back to the back with a standard jigging retrieve.

Kronk explained that, “the important thing was to find the best expanses of weed, and once located the fish were pretty much forthcoming”. “With the strikes in most cases coming when the lure was really tight up against weed”. The approach saw Kronk land over 30 fish for the morning, with the majority, of course taken in that precious first hour of the session.

His lure of choice was the well-tested Slider Grub, in pumpkinseed colour, and rigged on a ΒΌ Gamakatsu Flathead jighead. The outfit used to present the successful offering was comprised of a G.Loomis GL2 7’ Popping Rod and Daiwa Regal Z 1500 reel, that was loaded with the ubiquitous 4lb Fireline, and topped with a length of 12lb Nitlon as leader.

Kronks’ choice of location was equally favoured by second place getter Kerry Ehrlich, with the contrast in their approaches presenting itself in the topography of the shoreline they targeted. Ehrlich in comparison focused on steeper sloping points, but just like Kronk looked for, and found success in the more substantial weed bed formations.

Ehrlichs’ also utilized jighead-rigged softplastics to filling out his bag for the day, casting them up against the weedbeds, and allowing it in many cases to drop right to the bottom before beginning a jigging retrieve. The approach and choice of lure and colour proved highly successful, with Ehrlichs’ 3” Slider Grub in smoke/ yellow core colour enabling him to catch over thirty fish for the session. The outfit used to present the lure included a 5/16 oz AusSpin jighead that was fished from a 6’6” 1-2kg Stealth IMG40 rod, and a 1500 Shimano Sedona reel.

While the outfit allowed Ehrlich to land most fish for the session, it was his largest encountered fish for the day that saw him unceremoniously ‘stitched’ him up in the weed. Despite his best efforts to extract it from the weeds, the fish was not to be.

Kronk by comparison was more success with his largest fish for the day that while equally ‘bricking’ him in the weeds was able to be coaxed out and into the landing net. It didn’t come easy though taking around ten minutes to extract it from the sanctuary of weeds. Kronk explained by saying, “It had buried itself right in the weed, and I was this close to cutting it off, but thankfully my fishing partner was there with the landing when I eventually managed to get it out. It was a great team effort, thanks Kris”.

The addition of the fish in Kronks’ bag gave him the real ‘kicka’ fish that relegate daylight to second place, and was convincing enough (1.69kg) in its size to also snare him the Big Bass prize for the tournament.

As with all BASS Electric events for the year, the first five place getters qualify through to the Electric Convention at the end of the season. The next event on calendar for competitors to do this will be round eight of the BASS Electric Series held at Toonumbar Dam 13th June. For more information on this event contact Danny Robinson on (02) 6628 0727 a/h, or for any information on any of the BASS or BREAM events contact Simon Goldsmith, 3268 3992 b/h,

Place ANGLER Fish Weight
1 Zach KRONK 2 2.89
2 Kerry EHRLICH 2 1.59
3 Mike WEGER 2 1.58
4 Cameron BALL 2 1.46
5 Rex MILDREN 2 1.43
6 Peter John HERBST 2 1.42
7 Barry OXFORD 2 1.33
8 David GREEN 2 1.27
9 Will LEE 2 1.21
10 Steve OSTER 2 1.19
11 Troy BARSBY 2 1.10
12 Anthony COLLINS 2 1.08
13 Pete ROBINSON 2 1.04
14 Kris GEORGE 2 0.97
15 Jason JOVANOVIC 2 0.94
16 Tony EVANS 2 0.93
17 Ian GALLOWAY 2 0.85
18 Ken MURRAY 1 0.72
19 Tony ROBINSON 1 0.71
20 Nicole JOVANOVIC 1 0.63
21 Chris SMITH 1 0.58
22 Michael CONNORS 1 0.57
23 Pete COONEY 1 0.55
24 Michael HENARE 1 0.55
25 Michael DAUTH 1 0.54
26 Jesper NOIESEN 1 0.52
27 Rodney SCHULL 1 0.51
28 Spiro ZANTIOTIS 1 0.50
29 Trevor STEAD 1 0.47
30 Peter MATTHEWSON 1 0.45
31 Payl MARTINYA 1 0.44
32 Zane AUSTIN 0 0.00
32 Chris BARNES 0 0.00
32 Ian BLACK 0 0.00
32 Jamie BEER 0 0.00
32 Brad CLARKE 0 0.00
32 Josh CANNON 0 0.00
32 Wayne CAMERON 0 0.00
32 Chris ELDRED 0 0.00
32 Elliot FOOKS 0 0.00
32 Michael GLASS 0 0.00
32 Brent HAWKINS 0 0.00
32 Chris JOWETT 0 0.00
32 Craig JOHNSON 0 0.00
32 Peter KEIDGE 0 0.00
32 Kev MOORE 0 0.00
32 Ken MORGAN 0 0.00
32 Steve McLEAN 0 0.00
32 Mark MANDER 0 0.00
32 Trent MANDER 0 0.00
32 Peter MORGAN 0 0.00
32 Allan PRICE 0 0.00
32 Peter ROBINSON 0 0.00
32 Dan RYAN 0 0.00
32 Nathan SEWELL 0 0.00
32 Glenn RILEY 0 0.00
32 K SCHULL 0 0.00
32 Baden SPARROW 0 0.00
32 Tony YATES 0 0.00