Wivenhoe BASS Electric- 22nd July

by Dale Sinclair

55 Anglers in 32 Boats braved the chilly conditions of Lake Wivenhoe for a chance to bag some of the impressive bass that normally appear at this time of year.  Record low water levels coupled with record low temperatures meant that the bass would be hard to find.  The fish proved so difficult that only 5 anglers weighed in Bass.

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Simon Barkhuizen  1 Fish   2.32kg  1st place and Big Bass
Dave Young           1 Fish   2.30kg  2nd place
Peter May              1 Fish   2.17kg  3rd place
Mike Connely         1 Fish   1.94kg  4th place
David West             1Fish    0.66kg  5th place
Thanks to all who competed.
Dale Sinclair