Cressbrook Bass Electric Results 24 June 07

 Schwerin takes the win at Cressbrook

Cool conditions on a fog covered Cressbrook greeted the 46 anglers in 27 boats. Gusty winds proved challenging for the competitors and a few struggled to reach their 2 bag limit. Between 29 anglers, a total of 51 bass were brought in for weighing.

The ultimate climax to a great competition proved to be just 10 grams separating 1st and 2nd place with young Jake Schwerin proving that age is not everything by winning the day with a 2 fish limit of 1.61kg. The lure that did the damage for Jake was the highly popular Slider bass grub in smoke yellow core on ½ oz jig heads. Jake presented his offerings on light spin gear with 4lb line and 14lb leader. Fishing the Crows Nest arm of the lake, Jake found an area with a drop-off that had small concentrations of fish. “I’d cast the plastic out and allow it to sink before slow rolling it over the edge of the drop-off” said Jake. For his efforts, Jake took home a prize pack including an Angler Stealth DCX rod.

In 2nd place with a 2 fish limit that included the competition’s big bass of 0.9kg was Troy Ward. His total bag limit weighed in at 1.60kg. Ward stuck to his guns all day and was rewarded with a constant catch of fish throughout the session. Armed with a Mask Vib in pearl ayu, Troy cast his offerings in open water targeting drop-offs, allowing the bait to sink to the bottom before slow rolling it back to the boat.

Kevin Jones came in 3rd place with 2 fish weighing a total of 1.50kg . Kevin’s fish found the silver fox coloured Squidgies too tempting to resist. Coming in 4th place was H. Althaus with 2 fish weighing a total of 1.40kg. Althaus used a combination of spinners and Slider grubs to get his scorers. Finally, in 5th place with 2 fish weighing a total of 1.24kg was Stephen Town. Stephen used Jackall Squirrels to fill his bag.

I would like to thank everyone who entered and helped to make the tournament an enjoyable day for all. Congratulations to the winners and hope to see you all next time.
Cheers Joel

Name Fish Weight
Jake Schwerin 2 1.61
Troy Ward 2 1.6
Kevin Jones 2 1.5
H. Althaus 2 1.4
Stephen Town 2 1.24
Barry Oxford 2 1.23
Peter Higham 2 1.22
Jonathon Ward 2 1.13
John Schwerin 2 1.12
Dan Ryan 2 1.12
Steve Oster 2 1.12
Rory Saint 2 1.07
Brad Clark 2 1
Ken Murray 2 0.93
David Bullard 2 0.93
Bob Town 2 0.84
Michael Stubbin 2 0.84
Kerry Ehrlich 2 0.84
Glen White 2 0.84
Ross Murray 2 0.83
Roy Souter 2 0.82
Simon Saint 2 0.82
Darryl Hohn 1 0.61
Mick Henare 1 0.6
Heath Craven 1 0.5
Ian Black 1 0.45
Scott Thorne 1 0.43
Adam McCuffrey 1 0.41
Matthew Hawklesi 1 0.31