Bass Restocking at Lostock Dam

Around 6,000
Australian Bass have been released at Lostock Dam to ensure continued good
fishing for locals and visitors alike.

David and Janet
Hooper, of Lostock
Dam Caravan
Park, have been
undertaking fundraising activities over recent months and have received good
support from those who enjoy fishing at the dam.

With the support of Hunter
Native Fish, whose club members undertake regular fishing trips to the dam,
$1,250 was raised. This amount was matched dollar for dollar by the Department
of Primary Industries (DPI) to enable the purchase of the fish.

“We’ve had a few
fundraisers and the tin we leave on our shop counter is always well supported.
Visitors appreciate the good fishing here, especially the fact that we have no
feral species. In fact, Lostock Dam was the venue for two recent Australian
championships and they certainly caught some very impressive fish,” said David

“Of course, this
release wouldn’t have happened without the excellent support provided by Hunter
Native Fish. Harold Strahan, club Treasurer, worked on the application for DPI
support and the whole club has shown support for this project,” said David

The Bass were
sourced from Aquablue Seafood Pty Ltd at Pindimar. Neil Meyrick, of Aquablue
was pleased to see a fishing club help with restocking of native fish.

“The support
provided by the DPI means that this type of restocking can be quite economical.
Included in the costings are all disease testing procedures and blood sampling.
We always breed from wild stock to ensure a healthy gene pool,” said Neil

“We’re also happy
to provide Yellow Belly, Bass or Silver Perch via mail order to farmers who
want to stock their dams or waterways. We welcome enquiries on 4997 9191,”
added Neil Meyrick.

Members of Hunter
Native Fish transported the young Bass to various points around the dam and
released them in sheltered shoreline areas.

“We’re looking
forward to coming back when these blokes get a bit bigger and enjoying some
sport up here in god’s country,” said Paul Gogarty of Hunter Native Fish.