Lenthalls Results 03-06-2007

by Gary Leather (Mr I’m-going-to-Weipa-on-the-trip-I-won-on-the-BARRA-tour!)

A cool and showery day greeted 34 top anglers to the ABT MotorGuide
2007 Bass Electric series at Lake Lenthall near Maryborough.  The lake
certainly lived up to its reputation as one of the best bass fisheries
in the region, with the top five anglers recording a bag limit well
over 2kgs. In total, 56 bass were registered on the scales with a
number of barramundi starting to make their presence felt as well.

At the end of the day Adrian Melchior was on top of the leader board with the two heaviest bass for a total weight of 2.42kg. Adrian’s tackle of choice was a Brett Hyde custom-built Samuari 006 rod matched to a Daiwa Sol reel. Adrian had his reel spooled with Unitiki 10lb braid while using 15lb leader. The lure that created all the damage was a Mega Bass Vibration X in the black and gold colour. His secret to success was to target weed beds and fringes up the left arm of the lake in about 18-20 feet of water. With a slow rolling retrieve Adrian caught around 15 fish for the session including a 55cm barra with a steady stream of fish being landed all day.

In second place, Bundaberg’s up and coming bass angler, Shane Anderson compiled a bag limit of two fish for a total weight of 2.35kgs. Shane, after just coming off a win in the Isis Bass Electric round on May 13, also recorded the big bass prize weighing in at 1.45kgs. Not a bad effort. Shane is certainly creating a reputation for being a top bass angler.

His tackle of choice was a G Loomis 783 Crankbait rod matched to a Shimano Curado reel, spooled with 10lb Fireline while using 17lb leader.  His successful lure of choice was a Jackall TN60 in the purple haze colour.  Shane’s technique for success was similar to Adrian’s but with a slight difference – he worked a shallower depth of water.  By casting his lure between the lily pads and working from a depth of one metre he followed the contour of the weed bed with a very slow retrieve, just making the Jackall vibrate slightly.  He hooked a lot of weed, but landed a lot of fish.  Shane fished up the middle arm of the lake and boated around ten bass and two barra for the session with his biggest two in his live well by 9.00am. 

I would like to thank all competitors for a very enjoyable day, with special thanks to James, the Ranger at the lake for opening the gate early and also for organising parking for all competitiors.  Much appreciated.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next round at Lenthalls on July 15th.


1 Adrian Melchior 2 2.42
2 Shane Anderson 2 2.35 1.45
3 Les Barber 2 2.10 1.15
4 Barry Oxford 2 2.10 1.15
5 Mike Weger 2 2.05
6 Paul Phillips 2 1.95
7 Tom Reynolds 2 1.85
8 Trevor Burgess 2 1.80
9 Chris Casey 2 1.75
10 Ian Galloway 2 1.70
11 Ian Stewart 2 1.70
12 Matthew Smith 2 1.65
13 Chris Eldred 2 1.65 1.4
14 Graham Dodds 2 1.65
15 Rob Bartlett 2 1.55
16 Tim Steinhuis 2 1.50
17 John Clyde 2 1.50
18 Paul Holmberg 2 1.50
19 Joe Allan 2 1.45
20 Danny Robinson 2 1.42
21 Rob Hinton 2 1.40 0.85
22 Gary Leather 2 1.40
23 Baden Sparrow 2 1.25
24 Peter Morgan 2 1.20
25 Glen Casey 1 1.00
26 Rod Shorten 1 0.85
27 David Bullard 1 0.62
28 Dale Smith 1 0.60
29 Vinnie Bleakley 1 0.55
30 Richard Holmberg 0 0.00
31 Corey Kerr 0 0.00
32 Gary Bateman 0 0.00
33 Alan Swift 0 0.00
34 Andrew Roff 0 0.00