Bullen Merri Bass Electric Results

Bad weather and a tough bite was the order of the day. Read on……

ABT Bass Electric Competition is basically an entry level series of
Bass competitions that comprise 23 events mainly based in Queensland
and New South Wales.

Anglers fish in a variety of locations in the hope of landing a bag of
bass that will see them qualify for the Bass electric grandfinal, which
this year will be held at Lake Wivenhoe in South East Queensland.

Since 2004 there has been a Victorian Leg of the series which is held
at Lake Bullen Merri in the states South West. Bullen Merri’s bass
population, though well established after 10 years of stocking, has a
reputation for being notoriously fickle.

Previous years comps have produced fish to 1.3kg and bags to 2.08kg but
the weather forecast for Sunday wasn’t looking conducive to a hot bass
bite. Initial forecasts earlier in the week of a 30 degree day quickly
disappeared with gale warnings being issued Saturday.

As I arrived at the lake on Sunday morning conditions looked more as
you would expect to encounter arriving on a winter’s morning to tackle
the lakes trophy salmonid population. Nine hardy souls arrived to brave
the inclement weather in the attempt to tackle the local bass
population. After a wild night of wind and rain things weren’t looking
too bad as the boats headed out from the start line. Maybe improving
weather and overcast skies would see the bass bite.

However by the time the third and strongest rain band blasted through
at about 10am the anglers knew the weather and the bass had them
beaten. Locating fish on the sounder was no problem but competitors
only reported receiving a couple of half hearted nudges from the shut
down fish.

Hopefully next year will see competitors experience more conducive
conditions that will assist them in conquering the Bullen Merri bass