Hinze Electric Results and Story 11 March 2007

As usual Hinze Dam produced another great day on the water for the
competitors. With a 5.30am start scheduled all the anglers did well to
get into the water and registered for the early start.

Forty anglers took to the water and the field was split between the
Western and Eastern arm of the Dam. However, Andrew Dyson and his
fishing partner had different ideas to the rest of the field.

pulled up within site of the starting line at Pelican point, here
Andrew fished his Tn60 Jackall Blue Gill lure to fish in 13 feet of
water around a small snag pile out from the main point. He would cast
his Jackall and let it sink close to the bottom before he popped it up
and got slammed.

By chance Andrew was the first angler to weigh his
fish in at approx 8.00am and followed a nervous 3 ½ hours waiting to
see if his two bass bag of 2.7kg was enough to keep him on top. As the
rest of the anglers proceeded to make their way in and weigh their
fish, it was evident that Andrew’s weight was enough to keep him in
first place.

Completing his victory by also snagging Big Bass prize
with his biggest Bass of 1.6 kg.
Local angler to the Hinze electric events, Mike Weiger brought in 2
Bass at 2.34kg which would of seen him take first place last year with
the winner taking in only 2.2kg. Nevertheless, his fish placed him in a
respectable 2nd place overall for the tournament.

Mike fished his
favourite 3 inch Fat Grub plastic in a couple of bays up the Western
arm. Filling out the top five places were 3rd Troy Ward with 2.01kg,
4th Andrew Rollison with 1.99 kg and 5th place went to Barry (OBE)
Oxford with 1.92kg.

Thanks to the sponsors who make these fun entry level tournaments
possible. The event was run by the Australian Bass Association and
accepted a much appreciated donation from ABT.
Thanks to all anglers who made it a fun easy tournament to run.
Tony Payne & Chris Estreich