Convention, MegaBucks, Grand Final Information


The details for the BASS Electric Convention, Humminbird Megabucks, and BASS Pro Grand Final have been finalised.

BASS Electric Convention
Venue- Lostock Dam, NSW.
Date- Sat 16th-Sun 17th September
Briefing- Fri 15th, 8.30pm, Lostock Dam Caravan Park
Prefish Ban- none

Humminbird BASS Megabucks
Venue- Lostock Dam, NSW.
Date- Tues 19th-Wed 20th September
Briefing- Mon 15th, 8.30pm Lostock Dam Caravan Park
Prefish Ban- none

2006 Megabucks Entry Form

The decision has been made to scratch the prefish ban. This will negate any advantage or disadvantage that may occur if one is in place, especially with the Convention preceeding the event.

BASS Pro Grand Final
Venue- Lake Glenbawn, NSW.
Date- Fri 22nd -Sun 24th September
Briefing- Thursday 21st, 8.30pm, Lake Glenbawn Kiosk
Prefish Ban- Mon 28th August – dawn on Thur 21st September
Entry Fee- $250 for both boaters and non-boaters

The best advice available informs us that launching and retrieving of boats will not be a problem for the event. The AOY points and the list of qualifiers will be finalised Sunday and Monday and the invites will be sent out on Tuesday.

There will be a short turn around between sending out and getting the invites back to us. This is due to the short lead time to get everything ready for the event. So make sure you’re ready to respond when it arrives.