Hinze BASS Electric Results – 6 August 2006

by Tony Payne and Robert Andersen

Hinze Images

28 brave anglers faced the cold blowy conditions at Hinze Dam, this was one morning I was glad to be sitting on dry land awaiting to weigh the limits later in the day. With beanies poised and batteries charged away they went to their favourite spots. Close to six hours gone and the procession of boats could be seen sailing down the dam for the finish line, from reports of the wind saw many anglers reaching for the spinnaker and not the spinner baits!

With the first couple of bags weighed in the size off bass impressed me – for Hinze anyway. Not many donuts were being passed around so the anglers’ skills showed through on what was a very uncomfortable morning.

First placed angler Chris Eldred found his winning limit fishing up the western arm in the back of an inlet called “Dave’s Den”. Here he fished an Atomic 3 inch Fat grub in Apple Seed colour dipped in Spike It and rigged on a 3/8 ounce jig head cast to a shallow grassy bank in 12-13 feet of water with a slow roll all the way to the boat. Chris caught a total of four bass all up to bag his winning limit of 2.0kg.

Second place went to Graham Dodds. After his 5th place finish in the last Hinze event, he was out to prove a point, and that he did weighing in 1.96kg limit. Graham again had faith in the eastern arm and fished a small green Rapala Husky Jerk lure with good results to catch seven bass over the session. He would cast close to the edge and with a crank and pause retrieve found it to the bass’ liking.

Jesper Noiesen followed up with third spot weighing in 1.81kg. He also headed west and slow rolled a 3 inch Atomic Fat Grub on a 3/8th jig head from the bank in Pumpkinseed colour.

The Big Bass award went to Steve Morgan’s 1.14kg fish with a weight of 1.14kg. It ate a brown paddle-tail on a 3/8oz jighead on the first pop off the bottom on around 15 feet of water. Steve kindly donated his prize back to a lucky angler who told of the horror when he lost a Jackall. Thanks Steve!

And thanks must go out to all the sponsors of these entry-level BASS tournaments, they’re a load of fun for all and hundreds of dollars are raised for stocking each round. As usual the level of conduct and sportsmanship from the anglers fishing these events make it very easy and enjoyable to run. On behalf of the Australian Bass assoc we would like to thank you. – Tony Payne, Rob Anderson.


Place Angler Fish Weight Big Payout
1 Chris Eldred 2 2.00 1.10 Prize Pack + Angler Rod
2 Graham Dodds 2 1.96 Prize Pack
3 Jesper Noiesen 2 1.81 1.00 Prize Pack
4 Luke Clark 2 1.60 0.90 Prize Pack
5 P O’Neill 2 1.60 Prize Pack
6 Tom Reynolds 2 1.40
6 Rod Shorten 2 1.40
6 Ricky Simmons 2 1.40
6 Ben Cronk 2 1.40
10 Wayne Blundell 2 1.34
11 Steve Morgan 1 1.14 1.14 Big Bass
12 Col Singleton 2 1.12
13 Rex Mildren 2 1.10
14 Hans Jensen 1 1.00 1.00
15 Andrew Rollson 1 0.90 0.90
16 Aaron Gilmour 1 0.80
17 Adrian Melchior 1 0.78
18 Steve McLean 1 0.59
19 Scott Evans 2 0.51
20 Dave Carey 1 0.49
21 Greg Livingstone 0 0.00
21 Chris Hills 0 0.00
21 Ian Galloway 0 0.00
21 Darryl McMahon 0 0.00
21 Shane Bird 0 0.00
21 Steve Jensen 0 0.00
21 Wayne Beggs 0 0.00
21 Dwayne Turner 0 0.00