MotorGuide BASS Electric Maroon Dam Results, Sunday 11th June

Rain, wind and cold weather greeted diehard anglers contesting the second BASS Electric at Maroon Dam for season 2006. The rain eventually cleared to be replaced by gusty cold westerly winds, that tested anglers’ will power and battery reserves.

Despite the trying conditions 30 anglers, in 18 boats, weighed in a total of 33 fish, with the majority of the field plagued by small fish, and struggling to find the large money fish.

The word diehard was taken to a new level with ABT BASS Electric regular Jesper Noisen, who after spending a very sleepless night due to illness, still managed to show up and weigh his 2 fish. Eventually succumbing to a constant “berley session” over the side of the boat to weigh-in at 9.30am and still come in 3rd, and hold the Big Bass title until the final bag was weighed in for the day.

Mr Consistency, Steve ‘Killer’ Kanowski compiled the biggest bag for the day before he too was eclipsed by the last bag weighed in for the tournament. Stealing the show at the death was Aaron Gilmore, who compiled a 2/2, 1.41kg limit to secure his first electric win for the year.

Positioning his boat tight into the weed to overcome the strong wind, Gilmore presented his jighead rigged plastic close to the weed to tempt his fish.

The lure that produced the goods for Gilmore was a 1/8 oz Owner Darter jighead/ Slider Grub (smoke/ yellow core) combo, presented with a G.Loomis spin rod, matched to a Shimano Symetre reel, and spooled with 8lb Berkley Fireline and 12lb Yamatoyo leader.

The Big Bass title was taken out by a very elated Justin Fletcher (0.86kg), who wrestled the winnering fish from one of the dams’ many weedbeds after it fell for a Cultiva Rip n’ Minnow in blue shad colour.

Place Angler Fish Weight (kg) Big Bass
1 Aaron Gilmore 2 1.41  
2 Steve Kanowski 2 1.22 0.72
3 Jesper Noiesen 2 1.16 0.73
3 Bob Town 2 1.16  
5 Charles West 2 1.15  
6 Jonathon Ward 2 1.11  
7 Trevor Stead 2 1.08  
8 Troy Ward 2 1.03  
9 Dale Ianna 2 1.01  
10 Gavin Sticklen 2 0.95  
11 Chris Galligan 2 0.93  
12 Joel Quinlan 2 0.91  
13 Justin Fletcher 1 0.86 0.86
14 Luke Clark 2 0.83  
15 Trevor Schloss 1 0.61  
16 Bruce Moss 1 0.58  
17 Arthur Allen 1 0.53  
18 Tim Moss 1 0.52  
19 Mike Creighton 1 0.52  
20 D. Bollard 1 0.43  
21 Dwayne Tozner 1 0.42  
22 Gary Fooks      
22 Elliot Fooks      
22 Tom Reynolds      
22 Chris Hills      
22 Peter Truer      
22 Rory Saint      
22 Rene Torrisi      
22 Chris Brown      
22 Wayne Beggs