Hinze Electric Results and Story (3 April 2006)

by Tony Payne

A crisp morning greeted competitors for the start of another BASS electric round at Hinze Dam in the Gold Coast hinterland.

With the Dam at 100% capacity and with freshly covered grass throughout the lake, hopes for a hot bank bite were on the minds of more then a couple of anglers.

28 boats and 41 anglers battled it out for what seemed like a hard day on the water, with only 50 bass bought into the weigh station. Gold Coast local Wayne Blundell just edged out Rod Shorton for first place by a count back. Rod was feeling pretty good with his two bass bag and so he should with the two fish weighing 2.2kg. But Wayne stepped up to the scales moments later with a two bass bag weight of 2.2kg that equalled Rod’s bag. But it was Wayne’s biggest bass of 1.44kg that won him the title on countback and took out the Big Bass for the competition.

The tournament was won from the eastern arm of Hinze, which has not been the best arm for a couple of years. Wayne fished the shadow edges on the way up to his honey hole which held a school of bass he and his partner have been watching for a few days. All his fish were caught on TN60 Ayu Jackalls cast and retrieved toward the banks, but not one fish bit on the edge. All Wayne’s hits were had half way back to the boat.

His big bass came from a school in 25 feet of water on a Smoke/yellow core Slider on a 1/4oz Bite-me jighead. Wayne said the fish were stacked 5 feet deep on the sounder but after the Big Bass was bought in they turned off.

Second place angler Rod fished the reliable western arm. Things were slow for him for a while till he found some fish out in 25 feet of water just off the weed edge. His presentation consisted of slow rolling a Bassman spinnerbait and popping a TN60 Jackall through the school he located. Rod caught six bass for the day.

Barry Oxford also fished the eastern arm for his third place with 1.82kg finding it tough until he found a small honey hole and caught his two fish bag limit. Finishing out the top five placings were Chris Brown on 1.6kg and Graeme Dodds with 1.56kg.

All in all it was a great day on the water and all anglers enjoyed themselves. The hot summer sting seems to be easing off and the calm days of autumn are making it more enjoyable to be out on the water. Thanks must go out to all the sponsors for supporting these tournaments. The event was run by the Australian Bass Assoc and accepted a much appreciated donation from the ABT. – Tony Payne

Place Angler Fish Weight kg Big Bass kg
1 Wayne Blundell 2 2.20 1.4
2 Rod Shorton 2 2.20 1.1
3 Barry Oxford 2 1.82
4 Chris Brown 2 1.60 0.9
5 Graeme Dodds 2 1.56
6 Jesper Noiesen 2 1.54 1
7 Ricky Simmons 2 1.50
8 Vinnie Bleakley 2 1.48
9 Steve Poole 2 1.40
10 Andrew Rollison 2 1.40
11 Jonathan Ward 2 1.40
12 Dave Carey 2 1.38
13 Dale Ianna 2 1.32
14 Steve McLean 2 1.30
15 Troy Ward 2 1.26
16 Shane Brown 2 1.22
17 Graeme Esary 2 1.16
18 Dave Lox 2 1.16
19 Alex Baranoff 2 1.10
20 Andrew Dyson 2 1.08
21 Ian Gallaway 1 1.00
22 Alan Swift 1 0.90
23 Wayne Walters 1 0.90
24 Andrew Warren 1 0.88
25 Brandon Heagney 1 0.82
26 Mark Small 1 0.72
27 Jeremy Wakelin 1 0.68
28 Adrian Melchior 1 0.64
29 Tony Van Rooy 1 0.64
30 Wayne Beggs 1 0.50